What Causes Leg Cramps

While most research does not know what causes leg cramps, they are referred to as being of unknown cause. One peer reviewed journal article by a doctor even said that they are notcaused by electrolyte and fluid imbalance. Yet the research finds that there are numerous reasons we get that annoying pain and especially at night.

The most obvious causes point to nerve damage, tired muscles and rarely certain medications can cause night time leg cramps.

Causes of Leg Cramps Commonalities

To understand problems, one way of studying health problems is to look at commonalities. Here is what the research shows regarding who is most likely to get leg cramps at night. This can provide clues to the causes of leg cramps.


older people

pregnant women

people who have heart disease

people with nerve conditions

those with cancer

liver problems

kidney problems

When considering what causes leg cramps, there is another challenge in the research. Most people rarely ever report leg cramps to their doctor. With a lack of reporting, it is difficult to find out how big the problem really is.

What do you think are leg cramps causes? What do you do to end the cramps?

Common wisdom is to stretch the muscle in order to release the cramp.Some sites suggest that exercise could help and prevent additional leg cramps.

Some choose to use muscle relaxants.

We have a different theory on what causes leg cramps.

We believe that there are two causes of leg cramps. One is nerve inflammation but the chief of leg cramps causes is the fluid and electrolyte balance. What this means is simple terms, a lack of water and salt to get the water into the muscle cells can a cause leg cramp. Secondarily, boosting the bodies GSH can help reduce if not eliminate leg cramps all together.

What Causes Leg Cramps

Leg Cramp Peer Reviewed Article

The article reported that as many as 60 percent of adults have experienced nocturnal leg cramps.

The painful muscle tightening that often occurs at night in the calf muscles can also result in insomnia. The author went on to say that the 'exact mechanism is unknown, but the cramps are probably caused by muscle fatigue and nerve dysfunction rather than electrolyte or other abnormalities.'

Of the related causes of night time leg cramps, the short list includes a relationship to vascular disease, lumbar canal stenosis, cirrhosis of the liver, hemodialysis, pregnancy, and other medical conditions.

The medications associated with leg cramps include...

  • intravenous iron sucrose

  • conjugated estrogens
  • raloxifene
  • naproxen sodium
  • teriparatide

  • Leg cramps need to be confirmed as being nocturnal leg cramps and not other medical diagnoses' such as restless legs syndrome, claudication, myositis, and peripheral neuropathy.

    There is limited and mixed results evidence that suggests that treating nocturnal leg cramps with exercise and stretching, or with magnesium supplements, calcium channel blockers, carisoprodol, or vitamin B(12). All the research is in agreement that quinine is no longer a recommended to treat leg cramps because it can cause severe results.

    On the medical sites, the following are suggested.

    Drugs used include pain medications, anti-epileptics.

    Treatments include calcium salts, compression stockings, magnesium salts, multivitamin and mineral supplements, sodium chloride, and stretching exercises.

    How can you know what is wrong?

    How To Determine the Cause of Leg Cramps

    Assuming the cause is not because you are on medications or any of the above medical conditions that could cause leg cramps, then here is a way to find out what causes leg cramps for you.

    There is a simple solution that you can try to see if the leg cramps are simply a matter of fluid and electrolyte balance.

    Get some unprocessed salt and put in your mouth, on your tongue. Once dissolved, drink a glass of filtered water.

    Want to take it a step farther?

    Try the Water Cures Mean Green Electrolyte Drink. https://www.watercures.org/electrolyte-drink.html

    Using the salt, water and even the sugar will allow you to rule out the possible cause of your health problem as being something simple to correct.

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