Can Tuberculosis Risk be Decreased?

Simple Dietary Steps that May Help

It is well known and accepted that in many disease states like tuberculosis that glutathione levels are decreased. It also follows that by increasing the body’s natural immune fighter at the cellular level that many diseases are contained or even eliminated.

What About TB

What about TB? What can help to fight it, prevent it and even potentate the benefit of the medicines used to treat it? Is there a natural TB treatment that will help with TB prevention?


It is important to note that the prevalence of the resistant forms of TB is from failure to follow the drug regimen used to treat it. Literature has suggested TB is curable if the drugs are taken as prescribed.

So never stop the medicine you are on as prescribed by a doctor. Never encourage anyone else to stop the meds prescribed by their doctor. Failure to follow the doctor’s guidance could not only jeopardize the patient, it could also affect countless others contacted.

Infectious Immunology in a March 2005 article from a study at UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School demonstrated that Mycobacterium tuberculosis is sensitive to glutathione (GSH) and a derivative S-nitrosoglutathione. Their studies indicate that glutathione is essential for controlling intracellular growth of M. tuberculosis.

Then in February, 2006 in AIDS Research Therapy a study by the same institution found that treating HIV infected patients with N-acetyl cysteine promoted the host immune response to contain the TB infection successfully.

Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007 Feb 7 Concluded based on research that allicin may prove to be valuable in the containment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and would therefore be a useful adjunct in treatment of TB.

Allicin comes from garlic. It is not present in garlic but is produced by cutting or crushing garlic. It is destroyed by heat.

The editors at believe that the Water Cures Protocol along with many natural food chemicals and their benefits result from combinations of phytochemicals working in conjunction with each other. This is especially important to note with garlic since it is a natural source of the kind of cysteine that the body can use to make glutathione.

Additionally the studies show an interesting quality of allicin. It creates an up-regulation of glutathione. So garlic has the building blocks of glutathione and works as a cofactor for the building of glutathione.

How much garlic should be taken? One study indicated that at least one clove daily would provide sufficient allicin to have a beneficial effect.

TB and GSH

There does not appear to be any studies that demonstrate boosting glutathione levels with a whey protein isolate form of cysteine would be beneficial in inhibiting TB. However the relationship of glutathione to tuberculosis along with allicin and the effect it has demonstrated would seem to indicate a study of both might be beneficial.

In the absence of high level studies, boosting our immunity can only help in disease prevention. Boosting our immunity with natural products and whole foods along with exercise is possibly one of the best ways of attaining health and wellness.

What can you do? Improve good dietary habits and eliminate toxic foods from your diet and improve the quality of healthful foods.

There are numerous detrimental dietary foods to be avoided.

Additionally, over 100 years ago, light therapy was used to treat TB. New research on Red Light Therapy and LLLT (cold lasers) indicate this may show promise for the prevention and even curing or enhancing the speed at which the medical treatment works.

Read more about the history of photo-therapy here...

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