Toxic Chemicals in Shampoo

Did you know that there are toxic chemicals in Shampoo. Do you use shampoo. Most people do. Is it because you cannot afford real poo?

Once you know what the sham is in sham poo, you may want to stop using it too.

At the bottom is an alternative to shampoo.

Your Scalp is Fragile

Shampoos are different than most soaps because the human scalp is somewhat fragile compared to our skin. So these soaps are milder. They are also designed to remove oils from the scalp and hair. What you do not know is that there are toxic chemicals in the shampoo. Why do you think it is called sham-poo?

Most people will go through their life and these will not make a difference. If you are the majority, keep doing what your doing. You will only have a one in three chance of getting cancer. If, on the other hand, nothing is working for you to regain your health, then this is one of the many changes you can make to take charge of your health.

The toxic exposure, more specifically, the toxic chemicals in shampoo could be a part of your health problems. There are two things you can do. Reduce your toxic exposure and take steps to help your body rid its self of toxins.

Toxic Chemicals and Homeostasis

Funny thing happens when we upset the homeostasis of our body. It compensates.

Consider the documentary SuperSize Me. After a few weeks of eating just McDonalds food, the doctor told Morgan Spurlock that he should stop. Basically, he said, stop or die. Morgan kept going and learned a wonderful truth about humans. Our bodies try to find equilibrium. Morgan found that his labs improved.

So, what does Morgan have to do with shampoo? His simple science reminds us of the equilibrium of homeostasis. So, when you use soap to take oils out of your scalp, your body tries to make more oils. No problem, add some chemicals to replace the oils you removed and make it more manageable.

So, what can you do? Use the green version of poo: Eliminate the sham.

Any chemical exposure is not good for health. What chemicals are in shampoo?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

The worst offender is sodium lauryl sulfate. If you look at the MSDS, also known as the Material Safety Data Sheet you will find some interesting facts about sodium lauryl sulfate.

Checking under potential acute health effects that it is hazardous in case of skin contact, or eye contact or ingestion. That is not the interesting part. It goes on to say under the chronic health effects: ...repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.

There are a couple of solutions.

For one, start to live a reduced chemical exposure life. This can not only help the planet by being green, it can also be much cheaper than what you currently spend on soaps and conditioners.

As promised solution of how to clean your hair and avoid the toxic chemicals in shampoo. We have found a solution and have tried it. It works for us.

Mix one table spoon of baking soda in a cup of water to wash your hair. It should take about two cups to wash your head.

Rinse with table spoon of white vinegar with one cup of water (preferably with filtered water). It should take no more than two cups.

Finally, to keep your head from smelling like a salad, rinse with cold water.

This will take a bit of adjusting to. There is no lather. There is no suds. Your hair will never feel cleaner or better. We noticed no dandruff in three days of doing this.

The best part, no toxic chemicals in shampoo if you use baking soda.

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Other Toxic Substances

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