Sore Throat Self Diagnosis Fail

This is a true story of Sore Throat Self Diagnosis Fail. This is what happens when we are caviler about our health. Sometimes we need to see a doctor or a holistic health care professional.

Sore Throat Self Diagnosis Fail

Adam, a 40 something painting contractor (a dear friend) got what he thought was a cold or maybe the flu. From the start, he had a sore throat. He got much more than he bargained for.

The cold or flu or whatever it was lasted for several days. Then, about week or two later it turned into the flu, a new symptom appeared. The new symptom, seemingly unrelated to the cold, now had his attention and concern.

The reason Adam did not go to the doctor was that he, like most guys, felt he did not need to go to the doctor and pay good money just to find out that he had the flu or a cold.

Besides, he felt doctors give out way too much antibiotics. He did not want to be a victim of what the news says is one of the problems with doctors, over prescription of antibiotics.

This is, by the way, part of the hard wiring of the male brain. It is part of our genetic coding.

The new symptoms were...profuse sweating, tiredness, and slight breathlessness.

Knowing that this was not good, Adam finally went to see the doctor. Turns out, one of his heart valves had died, a complication of his illness. The treatment choice required surgically installing either an artificial valve or an animal valve to replace his damaged valve.

After the surgery, there was a required two weeks of antibiotics. He traveled with an IV pole and the antibiotics until the full course of the treatment was finished.

As a general rule, any cold, flu or sore throat that persists for more than seven days needs to be seen by a doctor. Do not become a victim of sore throat self diagnosis fail.

While antibiotics may have been needed, there is research showing that IV vitamin C or megadose oral vitamin C may have helped to totally eliminate the infection.

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