Understanding Pain

The Prerequisite to Proper Pain Management

What is Pain?

Take a brief look at how the body processes, deals with and communicates this feeling. Your understanding is key to being able to successfully treat it. It is also essential to better able to cope with and help people who are also dealing with it.

Before you start looking at the various parts of this section, please review and get an overview of the topic.

There are numerous books on the subject. This is a 40,000 foot view. To best understand what your looking at, an overview will better prepare you for the individual parts your will see.

Basic Pain Understanding Terminology

  • analgesia...absence of the P word
  • opioid...narcotic analgesic medicine
  • acetaminophen...generic name for Tylenol
  • NSAIDS...non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  • To do our part to help reduce it, we will refer to it as P

Remember, at the best you will only be able to see what others are feeling. You cannot know what their feeling is as they cannot know your feeling. It is different to each and every one of us.

To illustrate the difference, stop reading and verbalize what a cherry tastes like. If you want to be specific, pick any cherry that you are familiar with. Now describe it.

Now ask someone else to describe a cherry.

What is the P Process? How does the human body deal with discomfort.

This deals with transduction, transmission, perception and modulation.

Next the three painful classifications? Most text books only speak of two ways of classifying the discomfort. Learn more about the third.

What are the Classifications of P? Did you know there are three main classifications... acute, chronic and metastatic painful sensations.

Do you know the differences between the three classifications?

What The Three Types of P? Within the three classifications are types. Consider the type of discomfort based on the nociceptor source or the particular painful feeling, detecting neurons from where it originates.

This would include the cutaneous, somatic, visceral, phantom, and neuropathic feelings. Is this bad feeling a good thing? Well, yes, it can be if it warns you or you learn from it.

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Amino Acid Side Effects Pain Relief

Traditional Management of the Painful Sensations? Using traditional medicine to manage the discomfort can be effective for many. However this is only if it is properly administered.

What is the proper medicine for each type of discomfort? Do you know which is the best over the counter med for the type you feel?

Do you know what cautions need to be taken when using traditional management of your undesirable sensation? Even over the counter medicines have potentially life threatening side effects.

Learn more about these and how to keep your family safe when using any over the counter or prescribed medications.

And did you know that boosting the bodies glutathione is the way to treat many overdoses or toxicity's.

What about narcotics? Will they make you an addict? You will be surprised at what the statistics say.

When a patient is near death do the narcotics depress respiration so much that the patient dies of respiratory distress? You don't have to wait for the answer to this one. It is NO! Learn more on why this is so.

What about natural ways to relieve the bad feeling as both alternative and complimentary medical treatments. Many have been reported to be quite effective. More will be coming on this.

Natural Joint Pain Remedy with Raw Beets...A Recipe

And lets not forget the glutathione connection? There is actually an analgesic property if offers.

To begin your understanding start with a consideration of the process.

What is the Pain ProcessWhat is the process the human body goes through when experiencing this feeling?

Neuropathy Pain Treatment Boosting glutathione provides an unique and perhaps better form of managing neuropathy. Read the study and decide for yourself.

This is considered in a step by step form. Feel free to jump ahead to any part in the middle if you desire.

The important thing to remember is that it is different to each and every one of us. Just as it may be difficult to understand the sensation, it is equally difficult to understand the folks who have to live with it.

To treat it properly requires trying to understand both.

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