Neuropathy Pain Treatment Options

Neuropathy pain treatment and glutathione, yes there is a relationship. Neuropathic pain has been treated by boosting glutathione levels.

What is this kind of pain? It can be anything from numbness, burning, tingling, even pins and needles. It can be shooting, stabbing, electric shock like or pressure to name a few.

Unlike the sensations healthy people experience in pain, this is never ending.

Neuropathy Defined

Neuropathy: Is a result of disease, dysfunction or exposure to neurotoxic chemicals affecting one or more peripheral nerves. It usually causes causes numbness or weakness. Most cases are associated with pain or discomfort.

As mentioned in the first abstract below, traditional pain management primarily mask the symptoms. More importantly, there are significant side effects and addiction risks.

When opioid's are ineffective or under effective, helper drugs are added to the arsenal. Advance evidence based management of neuropathic pain that I have worked with include additional adjuvants.

Burning, Tingling, Numbness

Burning, tingling and numbness are treated additionally with either Tricyclic antidepressants or trazodone and are used in increasing doses.

Shooting, stabbing, or shock like pain (or if a history of arrhythmia's or underlying heart disease) will be treated with anticonvulsants, carbamazepine or valproic acid.

The following article abstract digest has an interesting point.

Peripheral Neuropathy: Causes and Alternative Fixes

It explains that peripheral (extremities) neuropathy (PN) is associated with diabetes, neurotoxic chemotherapy, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the medications to treat HIV, alcoholism, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, and other causes.

Treatments (as mentioned above) mask the symptoms and have severe side effects.

Note Think about what this is saying, How can giving morphine heal the damage? Even worse, check out the side effects of the drugs that are often recommended. The harm is often worse than the benefit.

Neuropathy Pain Treatment Options

The article went on to describe research into alternatives with significant benefit. Some, like topical capsaicin are actually in use in some hospice programs. Of special interest, in the research it pointed to N-acetylcysteine, zinc, magnesium, chromium, and St. John's wort as having the positive effect.

One gentleman on the wrong side of 70 reported relief from restless leg syndrome from the boosting his glutathione by N-acetyl-cysteine.

Also magnet therapy was said to hold promise. Well, although you will read skeptical articles on the web, some hospitals actually use it because evidence based medicine says it helps bone healing.

Alternative Pain Management

The bottom line, boosting glutathione can have a beneficial effect on pain management and secondarily improve overall health. This and other treatments mentioned here may provide an alternative neuropathy pain treatment that will eliminate the deleterious effects of traditional medication.

Read the actual Peripheral Neuropathy Abstract.

Altern Med Rev. 2006 Dec;11(4):294-329.

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