Milk Allergy Asthma and the Mucous Myth

Although nobody knew of milk allergy asthma at the time, my grandma would not let any in the family drink milk if they had a cold. Probably every grandma on the planet born before 1950 would not let you drink milk if you had a cold. She said...It will cause you to have more mucous and you dont need that.

The Truth About Milk Allergy, Asthma and Mucous?

Here are some clues you can use to help you find a solution.

  • Milk can cause asthma
  • Milk does cause mucous build up
  • If you have asthma you should not drink milk
  • Milk can benefit those suffering from asthma
  • Milk can cause asthma
  • Actually, all of the above findings from medical studies are true. How can that be so? And what about my grandma? How could she be right and wrong at the same time about milk causing mucous? Let me explain why this is true and not true. First, consider some background information.

    I am a scientist, a nurse and was a child diagnosed with asthma. The memories of acute asthma attacks are indelibly etched in my mind. As a child with asthma, the doctor that diagnosed me did not not know that I was a pack a day second hand smoker. I lived with a great aunt who smoked quite a bit. I also spent a lot of time inside, even more in the winter than summer. Needless to say, there were no studies on child second hand smokers back then. The asthma kept getting worse and worse.

    So, to help with the asthma, the decision was to ship me off to my grandparents in the Rocky Mountains. The asthma miraculously went away. Although it may seem obvious as to why, there is still more to the story. This also provides some clues to the milk allergy asthma and the mucous myth. It may provide some clues for your curing asthma as well as some ideas on asthma alternative treatment for you or your loved ones.

    So, here I am at my grandparents, asthma free. Never again to have that dreaded feeling of not being able to breathe.

    The water at my grandparents was so alkaline that I hated to drink it. Only at my thirstiness would I consume just water. Ice tea, lemonade or anything else was was preferred to the alkaline water. This is an important part of the puzzle.

    You should know, slightly raising alkalinity in the body helps decrease inflammation. However, if your body becomes too alkaline, you can become ill.

    In addition to drinking, I was also bathing in this water.

    Actually, not only did the asthma go away, I never missed a day of school. I was not sickly mind you. Up till this point I had only missed two days of school. I even remember the days. One was November 22, 1963. I was watching TV in Washington DC when President Kennedy was shot. The other was when the class went on a field trip to a farm.

    Now living in a smoke free environment, the perfect attendance awards at school were mine for the taking.

    Was the increased alkalinity the reason for curing asthma? There is no way of knowing. Asthma is associated with inflammation. Current treatments include medications that reduce inflammation (anti-inflammatory drugs). The human body tends to not be so at risk of getting inflamed if it is on the alkaline side of the alkaline acid balance.

    So far, two clues to the cure. Eliminating toxic inhalation and alkaline water for drinking and bathing may have played a role in healing me

    But what about the milk?

    Milk Allergy Asthma

    Since I did not like the water, I drank milk. I drank it like it was water. Actually, I drank it in place of water when ever I could. Note that this was pre-Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone use. Bovine antibiotics were in use however and these ended up in the milk we drank then as today, unless it is organic milk. When cows milk has cow antibiotics it cannot be made into cheese. This resulted in a new method of making cheese was developed. This is where processed cheese comes from.

    Initially, I was not allergic to milk. Nor did it cause any problems with my asthma. Actually, there was never any more asthma. Later in life I did develop an allergy to milk in the form of a rash.

    Seems simple enough...No second hand smoke, increased consumption of alkaline water and no problem with milk. But something is being left out.

    Milk Allergy Asthma Related Facts

    There are several types of milk allergies and numerous symptoms. They can be GI related symptoms, respiratory related symptoms and skin related symptoms (like rashes).

    Milk lowers the ph in the body, making it more acid which can encourage mucous production.

    Milk does not lead to mucous production, well, in most people.

    People who have a cows milk allergy can have asthma like symptoms or actual asthma.

    1: J Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Dec;24(6 Suppl):547S-55S. Milk consumption does not lead to mucus production or occurrence of asthma.W├╝thrich B, Schmid A, Walther B, Sieber R.

    People with asthma (and other respiratory conditions) have an increase in mucous with milk consumption.

    Med Hypothesis 2010 Apr;74(4):732-4. Epub 2009 Nov 25.

    But, which kind of cows do they get their milk from?

    Vitamin D supplementation decreases the instance of flu and asthma attacks.

    Am J Clin Nutr (March 10, 2010). doi:10.3945/ajcn.2009.29094

    Milk is now often supplemented with vitamin D.

    But wait...there is one more part of the puzzle missing.

    If you do a search on the web you will find scientific based articles that say milk drinking will not hurt you. Other articles will say it is bad for you. Some of these are even from scientific studies from other countries. What the studies do not show are the different type of cows that the milk comes from.

    Not All Milk Cows are Created Equal

    One type of cows are the black and white breeds like Holsteins and Friesians. Holsteins are the most popular breeds in North America.

    Jersey's, Guernsey, Asian and African produce a slightly different kind, a healthier kind of milk. Incidentally goats and sheep also produce this healthier type of milk. Some who have milk allergies have found that they can drink goats milk. But there is a more important aspect.

    If it is not pasteurized, it is even healthier but it could likewise be less safe, depending on how it was handled.

    Pasteurization kills important enzymes, vitamins (such as A, C, B6 and B12) are diminished, fragile proteins are radically transformed to a configurations that can actually worsen your health. One of the most important substances in milk, cysteine, is so fragile, it is mostly destroyed in the process. Any beneficial bacteria is eradicated by the pasteurization process, resulting in a drink that promotes pathogens.

    Cysteine has asthma curative properties as evidenced by articles on Pubmed and that forms of cysteine are found in asthma medicines.

    So, raw milk can have curative properties for those suffering with asthma. Milk from the right cows may not hurt you. Milk from the wrong cows can make some health problems worse.

    To be fair, the above information is based on studies from after the introduction of rBGH in the US.

    The milk I drank in my youth, what was it? Well, since I ended up living on the farm where the milk came from, I know that the milk was from a Guernsey herd. One of the cows was, yes, really named Bossy. Back then, there was no talk of milk allergy asthma.

    Oh yea, from time to time, our milk was unpasteurized as we had access to raw milk as well as store bought pasteurized milk. The butter we ate was all from unpasteurized milk.

    Where can you legally buy whole raw milk. Here is a resource.

    Where to Find Real Milk

    Eventually I did develop what I thought was an allergy to Milk. The supposed allergy resulted in a rash so I stopped drinking milk. Then one day in a simple experiment, it turns out I am only allergic to milk products with Posilac (rHGB) or antibiotics. Once switching to organic milk, the rash never was a problem. Likewise counseling a number of patients the same, their various GI and skin related milk allergy symptoms ended as well.

    Next clue...only consume organic dairy products. The problem could be from antibiotics, rBGH, both or combinations of them with other chemicals we ingest like MSG.

    So, what was the cure for milk allergy asthma?

    Eliminating the toxic smoke? Some types of air pollutants can cause asthma.

    The alkaline water which decreased inflammation?

    Was it the occasional unpasteurized milk? Was it the milk from the right cow?

    Finally, was it organic milk?

    Sorry that this does not provide definitive answers. The intention of this web page was to provide you with questions. Questions you can ask about milk allergy asthma. Questions to hopefully make you ask more questions and find answers to find the best treatment for you and your loved ones.

    So, if you or a loved one is suffering from a milk allergy asthma, consider asking more questions.

    Note: if your child may have cough variant asthma, try changing the milk to organic first.

    Treating Milk Allergy Asthma

    First stop drinking milk. If you want to consume milk products, try to drink from different cows. Also, only drink organic milk. Finally, if it is legal and safe, drink organic milk from the right cows that has not been pasteurized.

    How Can You Boost Glutathione?

    Increase Glutathione for Milk Allergy Asthma Studies show that it helps with various types of asthma.

    One form of cysteine comes from milk from cows. It is the only source that is labeled safe for children, and in the case of milk allergy asthma, it may be the most effective.

    Milk Mucous Myth

    The bottom line answer...

    Milk does not cause mucous unless you have asthma, then it can.

    This is only part of the milk allergy asthma issue. There is more you will find on the lung disease pages.

    Discovr Glutathione what it is, what it does.

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    Milk and Disease

    Its curious that certain types of milk, especially pasteurized milk from Holsteins is associated with....

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