Heart Disease Inflammation

Grapes and Glutathione

You can now protect your Dahl rats (Lab rats) from heart disease inflammation and subsequent (they are bred to be susceptible to salt-induced hypertension) heart related health risks. Who knows, it might even help your human heart health.

GSH-Grapes-Heart Failure:
Grape Taste and Less (Heart) Failing

Although this is being posted under inflammation, it is an important aspect of boosting glutathione.

As you read note that the elevated glutathione was what protected the heart from high blood pressure and heart failure. The question then is, how do you boost your glutathione? That is covered at the end of this page. There is a connection with high blood pressure and heart disease inflammation that GSH helps fight.

The Grapes of Rats Study

A recent study shows a grape glutathione connection. The benefit comes from the phytochemicals naturally occurring antioxidants turning on a protective process in the genes that reduces damage to the heart muscle. Although the study did not say this, it is well known that glutathione is the bodies most effective weapon to fight heart disease inflammation.

Each of our cells, including the heart cells, produce an antioxidant protein called glutathione. This is the marines of our bodies defense systems. Glutathione (GSH) is one of our first defenders against damaging oxidative stress.

High blood pressure causes oxidative stress in the heart and as the GSH is used up protecting the heart, the amount of GSH decreases. The study supports the theory that the intake of grapes turns on the glutathione-regulating genes in the heart and significantly elevates glutathione levels.

In the study, the little critters were divided into high salt and low salt diet. Some were also given an effective blood pressure drug.

18 Weeks

In just 18 weeks on the diet the rats eating the grapes had lower blood pressure and better heart function. They also had fewer signs of heart muscle damage than the others.

The ones that got the blood pressure medication did have lower blood pressures but still had the heart damage.

The human equivalent of grapes is about 8 per day. Although it may seem like it would be a great thing to add to your daily diet. some medical doctors advocate only eating the same of any food for no more than three days with at least two days not eating it.

Grapes alone cannot boost your intercellular glutathione.

You will still need the building blocks which comes from foods of supplements rich in bioactive cysteine. To date, there are only two products that have been clinically proven to boost glutathione levels.

One Little Problem With the Study

The study did not seem to take into consideration the underlying cause / effect of high blood pressure. Several factors can cause high blood pressure. Now grapes appear to help with at least one of the causes. More studies will be needed in humans.

One question regarding this is if inflammation around the heart the cause of high blood pressure.

Heart Disease Inflammation: What We Think We Know or Not

Studies suggest that increased blood pressure may be a stimulus for inflammation

Other studies show that inflammation connected with high blood pressure.

Which ever is right, the protective mechanism is the glutathione. Boost your intercellular glutathione and you will help your body fight inflammation. Fight inflammation and you improve your heart health.

Since we do not eat rat food, we may not be getting enough of the building blocks to help our bodies make glutathione. Just eating grapes and turning on the GSH making machine will not help us make GSH if we do not have the raw materials.

It would be like sending a construction crew to build a building but not give them any materials. The most important building block is cysteine.

The Cysteine Story Learn what, where and how to get Cysteine to improve glutathione levels in the body by 30 percent.

Contact me if you would like more information on where in the world you can get these products. There are some manufacturers in Europe but they have no clinical proof as to effectiveness at this writing.

Inflammation Treatment: How to Boost Your Glutathione

Other Types of Inflammation

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