Glutathione Radiation Protection

The glutathione radiation protection (also called radiological protection) is not new to the halls of research science. It is limited in the actual use and application.

Like many scientific discoveries, lemons for scurvy, Lorenzo’s oil, Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, and numerous others, this is slow to be accepted.

Radiation Protection Science

Radiation protection, also known as radiological protection, is the science of protecting people from the harmful effects of radiation.

Speaking of protection, are cockroaches really immune to radiation?


Occupational radiation exposure can can happen to airplane pilots, firemen, industrial workers, medical workers and their patients and astronauts.

Radiation protection is based on managing three factors:

Time: Limiting the time of exposure reduces the amount or dose of radiation. This can be managed by limiting the actual or cumulative time of exposure.

Distance: Increasing the distance to the source reduces the exposure.

Shielding: The addition of shielding reduces the radiation exposure by limiting or preventing it.

Barium sulfate in the walls of x-ray rooms, leaded glass and lead aprons are all forms of shielding. would like to propose a fourth and fifth factor. It is well known in research but little known in actual applications that glutathione has numerous radiation protective qualities. Considering the radiation biology involved, we call this fourth factor 'GSH Radio-protection'....

Here is the science.

Reduced glutathione: a Radioprotector or a Modulator of DNA-repair Activity?

"...seemingly, GSH does not only act as a radioprotector against DNA damage induced by X-rays through glutathionylation, it may also act as a modulator of the DNA-repair activity."

N-acetyl-L-cysteine provides Radioprotective Benefits Preventing DNA Damage from UVA, UVB and visible radiation...

"...these results support the hypothesis that NAC may protect the cells directly, by scavenging ROS induced by UVA and visible radiation, and indirectly by donating cysteine for GSH synthesis."

The fifth factor is cellular hydration, more specifically fluid and electrolyte balance, maintaining body needs.

Radiation is free radicals. Glutathione is like the soldier in the movie that throws his body on a grenade to save his buddies. GSH does just sacrifices its self to stop the radiation free radical.

When we are dehydrated, the GSH is not as efficient and the radiation can do more damage, even with plenty of GSH. It is easier to bounce around and damage something small and hard than something big and soft. Think of hydration on a continuum of full plump liquid filled cells of a steak on one extreme to beef jerky on the other.

Of course, we are never as dry as jerky. The point is, the greater the dehydration, the greater the damage. Properly hydrating with the Water Cures Protocol will help keep us adequately hydrated.

There is an added bonus. GSH is hydration dependent. The better hydrated we are, the better we produce GSH. More importantly, the unprocessed salt that is part of the protocol also helps produce GSH according to research.

Dietary Biological Shielding of Radiation:

Using foods and supplements that boost glutathione. This protection works on several levels, including protecting DNA and promoting cell renewal and neutralizing oxidative stress.

Consuming Adequate Water and Electrolytes is also essential for the biological shielding to work.

Radiation Poisoning and Glutathione Radiation Protection

Aircraft Radiation Exposure

Is Cell Phone Radiation Harmful? Most likely not but....

Poisoning Radiation

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Radiation Poisoning Treatment

More Radiation Poisoning and the effect on the human body.

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