The Glutathione Pill

How effective is reduced glutathione in the oral form or the glutathione pill?

Does The Glutathione Pill Really Work?

On the page about Reduced Glutathione the early research presented demonstrated that oral forms of glutathione such as found in the glutathione pill are not absorbed. Later research found that after a period of months, there was some benefit.

What happens is the reduced form is broken down in the stomach. The cysteine becomes cystine. Cystine is essentially viewed as a toxin without the sulfa to bond it together, the body says, bye bye to it. So it is of little or no value. It is not even a building block at this point.

So, if as the pill makers claim is limited, then what other things that they claim are inaccurate?

Then there is the whole pill taking mentality. It has become human nature to reach for a pill for a quick fix. No doubt it took years to get where you are. It will take time to restore your health and repair the damage. Additionally, the damage could be something you are not aware of and your efforts are not enough.

Could It Be MSIDS? In case you stands for Multi Systemic Infectious Diseases Syndrome or MSIDS. It is a multi-symptom complex of Lyme disease and multiple associated infections. There may be many infections that are not even Lyme disease. What ever it may be, we need GSH to help detoxify.

The optimal way to boost glutathione is taking the building blocks of glutathione. Cysteine, one of the primary building blocks is the least available in our diet. This is the one we need to supplement.

So, does the glutathione pill whiten skin?

There does not seem to be a single study available that indicates it does. Out of hundreds of thousands of studies on glutathione, none seem to come up on the radar related to skin whitening.

How can it be marketed for something it does not do?

Whether it works, if it does or not we can find no indication.

A manufacturer of acetaminophen advertises their product with an arthritis strength version. Interesting market ploy, considering the last three high level double blind studies said that the placebo actually produced better effects than the acetaminophen did on arthritis pain.

How this is possible is simple. It has been long known that glutathione helps with arthritis pain. Since there are not a lot of studies on this, it has not been promoted. Acetaminophen depletes the body of glutathione. So from any to the more taken, the increase in arthritic pain for some.

Could glutathione skin whitening be a con. We honestly do not know. There are no studies that indicate in any way that it even could help a little as the many sites claim.

Other Skin Whitening

Some glutathione tablets for whitening are by all estimates, fake. They may have undesirable side effects. On the web you can find these as being hair whitening, rash, skin break outs. With these claims, there is no studies or reports to support these claims.

Some L-Glutathione preparations are made with Tyrostat (L tyrosine) which has been associated with skin whitening.

Some L Glutathione have goat / sheep placenta extract.

Some have high dosages of vitamin A and E, both of which could put you at risk for overdose.

There is not a guarantee that they even work.

Many dealers recommend taking what may be mega doses of vitamin C with the glutathione pill.

Kojic acid (KA) has been used as a food additive for preventing enzymatic browning of crustaceans and as a cosmetic agent for skin whitening. It has a carcinogenic effect (cancer causing) associated with it in one study.

One site claimed that a study by a leading dermatologist and researcher has found that skin whitening soaps containing green papaya enzyme and vitamin C are effective on some skin types. It did not make it to a peer review as there is no record of the study anywhere.

Do glutathione pills whiten the skin? There is no evidence based, peer reviewed information available at this time. Glutathione Disease Cure will be on the look out for it though. If it is there, we will let you know.

What is Cystine

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