The Glutathione Body Detoxification

The glutathione body detoxification is one of the body’s most important defense systems. It helps protect us from the daily attacks by enemy insurgents toxins, toxicants, intoxicants and pollution. Unfortunately few even know of it, what it does or how we enlist it to help in the fight.

Scientific studies have shown that glutathione (GSH) has multiple detoxification functions. Depletion of glutathione is associated with increased risk of chemical toxicity.

What are Toxins is a brief look at the definition. Also, what are toxicants?

We also know that glutathione can be depleted from doing its job, from some medications and agents, and lack of intake of the essential building blocks and co-factors.

Age, race, gender and diet are all factors in the GSH levels in the body.

Currently Tylenol toxicity is treated by boosting glutathione levels in the body with the drug NAC. Scientist now believe that boosting glutathione levels will also be the treatment of choice for detoxifying carbon monoxide poisoning, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform and other types of poisonous compounds, chemicals and gasses.

First and Foremost

The most important health and wellness self promotion step we can take is avoidance of those things that are harmful to the body.

This includes cigarette smoke, tobacco products, house hold cleaners and detergents, dry-cleaned clothes, new carpeting, some plastic food containers, and furniture to name a few within our homes. Outside would include pesticides and fertilizers for our flowers and grass, smog, parking garage and even the corner of a busy street. The stopping of cars releases high amounts of asbestos in the air which you breathe.

Excess alcohol consumption, non prescription drugs as well as prescription drugs can all be harmful to the body. These may not easily be expelled from the body or if they do, may be accompanied by withdrawal symptoms.

It only gets worse in the office. There are copier fluids and other chemicals in the furniture and carpeting to name a few.

The reality is impossible in the world we live and spend every day. This means to have optimal health we need to employ other means of protection.

How does Glutathione body detoxification protect us from the various toxins?

There is no simple answer.

Basically it protects us in two ways. One, it detoxifies or helps remove toxins when they enter the body and subsequently the individual cells in the organs. So after the attack it goes to work removing the toxins.

When a person overdoses on Tylenol, in the hospital ED or ER Doctor will administer NAC, a drug that promotes the production of Glutathione.

Secondly Glutathione body detoxification acts to protect the cell from the invading toxins. So rather than waiting till your sick, this is in effect preventative medicine (in the metaphorical sense). This is providing the body with the resources it needs to fight the enemy toxin insurgents.

Glutathione Body Detoxification: Some Toxic Insurgents

Deadly Chemicals in Your Shampoo Understanding the sham in shampoo.

Pesticides on Food

Plastics: The Safe and Health Harmful.

Fluoride in Drinking Water Drinking fluoridated water can result in fluoride poisoning and numerous disease processes. When reacting to other ingredients in water in makes for even more toxic dangers. Did you know it is in many common foods and beverages? Learn more here.

Radiation results in a unique type of poisoning.


Auto Exhaust
Smoking and Tobacco

Heavy Metal Toxicity

The Toxic Element Mercury

Amalgam Dental Fillings
Lead Poisoning

Syndromes and Sensitivities

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Gulf War Syndrome

Chemical Solvents

Alphaic hydrocarbons (vinal chloride, hexachlorohexane, plastics)

Gasoline Related Blood Disease

These are among the many other substances detoxified by glutathione conjugation.

Studies are showing that many disease states, conditions, and syndromes are what German immunochemist Dr. Wulf Drudge refers to as....Low CG Syndrome...or disease states that have notable depletion of cysteine and glutathione.

Avoiding toxins is important. Additionally the glutathione body detoxification inside each and every cell is one of our best defenses in the toxic world we live in.

To proactively build our glutathione is one of the health and wellness steps we can do ourselves. It is also one of the simplest things we can do. We do it with some simple dietary changes.

How to Boost Glutathione.

Want To Detoxify Fast: Supplements to Boost Glutathione

There are some simple, low cost ways to boost your glutathione. One is simply eating right. Eat at least 50 percent of your diet as raw fruits and vegetables to naturally increase your glutathione.

Using Water and Salt to Increase Glutathione

Good health to you. The Glutathione Body Detoxification

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