Earache Treatment vs. Prevention?

Say the word earache and you will be talking about a common childhood illness. Ear infections and the resulting earache is so common that it is expected that one in two will experience it by their first birthday. It is estimated that 80% of children will experience it by their third birthday.

Allopathic Treatment

The children are not alone. It also affects adults. Many choose not to seek medical help till it is too late, resulting in many cases, total hearing loss.

The cost of treating is in the $3 to 4 billion. Yes, billion with a B. That cost does not include cost of time lost from work and anguish parents deal with watching their loved ones suffer and not understand why they are in pain.

The historical treatment has been antibiotic therapy. For years now there has been concerns related to over use of antibiotics. Unfortunately this fear has been fueled by the media looking for headlines. The result has been catastrophic to the few who avoid treatment all together thinking doctors do not know best.

    Note...If you have an infection, you probably need to be treated by a doctor. One friend who thought he knew better ended up with a heart valve replacement. This was the price he paid for listening to the folks who say docs over-prescribe antibiotics.

On the other side of the coin, many clinicians are indeed questioning the provenance of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In European countries it is common practice to use naturopathic treatments for ear aches. Called alternative medicine in the United States, the treatment once proven to be safe and effective will gradually be considered and used as complimentary medicine.

The home remedies for earache focus on treating symptoms and boosting the immunity so the body can do what it does naturally.

There are several preparations and tinctures used that provide ear-ache relief. One includes garlic and mullein. Garlic has long been known to have antibiotic properties. More recently it has been found to additionally have an effect on boosting glutathione levels in the body.

It is interesting to note, to get the effect from garlic there is a possible need for it to be crushed which would naturally come from chewing. Add to this the combined chemical effects of saliva and a potent GSH builder is unleashed into the body. Oh yes, the garlic needs to be raw. Cooking will cause it to lose its value.

Also a blend of garlic oil, mullein and sometimes St Johns wort are used as a tincture is listed in many of the ear-ache remedies.

Dietary Earache Considerations

Not to be excluded in the treatment for ear-ache would be watching what you eat or allow the children to eat.

Dietary measures to reduce the risk and improve immunity include cutting back on sweets, fats and dairy products.

For adults, spices such as ginger (a GSH booster) and cloves could be used. Confirm the appropriateness for the age of the child before using such strong herbs, spices or foods.

Prevention vs. Treating

Some clinicians have discovered that including a diet of bonded whey protein to boost glutathione levels has eliminated their children from ever having to experience the discomfort of earaches. The logic is simple, boost the immunity and the risk of infection is greatly diminished.

Put another way considering the cost of treating this infection, an investment into our health and that of our children now will save us time and money and may help us to avoid pain in the future.

Just like prescription medicines, all home remedies and especially those for our little children require the OK of your physician before use.

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