Is There a Cure for Menieres Disease?

Well, it is probably a bit premature to say cure for Menieres Disease. However there is some compelling science on how it can be treated. It all comes back to the master antioxidant Glutathione.

Here is the scientific study abstract.

1: Int Tinnitus J. 2003;9(2):104-8.Links The role of free radicals and plasmatic antioxidant in Ménière's syndrome.

This verification study had the supposition that Ménière's syndrome was the result of certain pathologies. It is interesting to note that they found...

"...a constant homogeneous distribution of the metabolic products of this microtoxicosis, such as a high concentration of free radicals and low natural defenses (e.g., antioxidant plasmatic capacity)."

Therefore, there exists a dangerous systemic presence of reactive molecules. These molecules are aimed at the polyunsaturated fatty acids and homeostatic complex enzymes.

These are not compensated for by the natural antioxidant defense. Because of this lack of balance, using product that boost glutathione can serve as a multipurpose antidote.

Patients were divided into three groups (control, conventional therapy, and antioxidant treatment), and those in the antioxidant treatment group, especially those with Ménière's syndrome, demonstrated a net and more significant improvement.

Also, parallel clinical and instrument evaluations of this new therapeutic solution, the efficacy of which has already been positively demonstrated, are expected to provide further evidence to support the primary hypothesis.

Did you note who had the greater improvement. When looking for a cure for Menieres Disease, or at the least a treatment, consider talking to your doctor about boosting your glutathione levels.

Consider a second scientific study.

1: Acta Otolaryngol. 2003 Aug;123(6):697-703.Links Radical scavengers for Ménière's disease after failure of conventional therapy: a pilot study.

"OBJECTIVE: To perform a trial to assess the efficacy of radical scavengers, i.e. rebamipide, vitamin C and glutathione, for the treatment of Ménière's disease (MD)."

What Was Used and How: Rebamipide (300 mg/day), vitamin C (600 mg/day) and/or glutathione (300 mg/day) were given orally for at least 8 weeks to 25 patients with poorly controlled MD.

This resulted in 21 of 22 patients having a notable improvement of vertigo.

Twelve of 27 had improvement of hearing disorders.

Seventeen of 27 had an improvement of tinnitus.

Eighteen of 25 patients showed improvement of their disability.

The conclusion: Treatment using radical scavengers has the potential to become an effective new therapy for MD.

Add to this an important bit of information. Studies have demonstrated that glutathione is not well absorbed in the gut. The best way to get glutathione is by taking the building blocks, including bonded whey protein which has natural cysteine.

Remember that glutathione is your bodies master antioxidant. It is what makes the other antioxidants work better. When thinking of a cure for Menieres Disease or just a treatment, think of glutathione.

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