Do You Have Bugs In Your Blood?

Do you have Bacteremia (also called bacteraemia)?

Here is a novel idea. You may not be sick, you may have bugs in your blood. The bugs may be causing you to be sick. Oh, not the garden variety of septic sickness that so many bugs cause. No, rather the illnesses that defy explanation and have you leaving your doctor with an appointment with your psychiatrist or psychologist.

These are the illnesses you get told are all in your head because the doctor cannot find anything suggesting otherwise.

There are no unusual lab results. There are no definitive signs and symptoms. And you have unrelated symptoms. One day kidney pain but no kidney stones. Then liver pain. Then you go into A-fib. That one they can treat but still, you are told it is stress related.

But even that goes away to reveal another illness.

Your problem may be bugs in your blood.

Below is a picture of dark screen microscopy. Medical Doctors are prohibited from using this modality however, DO's, ND's, Chiropractors and Holistic nurses can legally use this form of looking at blood to better understand what is going on in the body when it comes to Bacteremia.

Aside from the blood above not being very healthy (notice it is all clumped together....there is a thing like a snake skin in the blood. What could it be? We have an idea and are working for getting research to find out.

At the end we will explain why this could be the reason you are fat. It is not your fault, unless you do nothing about it, then it is.

This is the part where some well meaning person claiming to be a doctor of medicine says this is insane and blood is sterile and if you do have bugs, you get very sick. That used to be the thinking and it still is of those who have closed minds.

But, if you consider the research that goes all the way back to 1907 (Weston Price), 1910 (Alzheimer) and since, you will find that even back then, there was the belief that things like Alzheimer's and so many other diseases were caused by bugs in the blood. It has since been proved in over 50 peer reviewed studies published in the past 20 years. Yes, this is not new but the supporting research is current.

Unless your doctor stays up at night researching obscure things, this will be unknown and possibly even denied. Many will even say it is impossible, in-spite of the research saying otherwise. They are simply misinformed, uneducated, and have closed minds.

Why Am I Not Deathly Sick?

In the journal of clinical microbiology.....2002, an article titled....

Are There Naturally Occurring Pleomorphic Bacteria in the Blood of Healthy Humans? looked at the reality of slow growing bugs that do not make us immediately sick and may not respond well to antibiotics.

Then a 2015 article in FEMS

The dormant blood microbiome in chronic, inflammatory diseases

It said....Blood in healthy people is considered sterile, with no microbes. Intracellular microbes that are dormant and cannot be cultured (easily grown in a lab) has been reported in literature. They note that there are many pathogens that can survive in blood and inside the red blood cells.

Research has found blood microorganisms (blood microbiome) in a number of non-communicable diseases. An example and most notable is the gut microbiome in our gut when the otherwise benefical bacteria in our gut becomes pathogenic in a condition known as ‘dysbiosis.'

There is another microbiome (the microorganisms in a particular environment) found in our mouth. Overall, it seems there are many chronic, non-communicable, inflammatory diseases that may have microbes than are presently recognized.

What this is saying is that the fact that there are bugs in our blood is an accepted fact.

So, now that we have that settled....what about the part where your doctor says you are crazy.

Well, there is just so much information, it is impossible for your doctor to keep up with it all. Further, we are focusing only on the things related to glutathione and since the bacteria cause inflammation and since glutathione helps end the inflammation, it is something we are keenly interested in.

Do you have Bacteremia?

We are considering the ones that are less common.

Called occult bacteremia (symptoms of an infection with no apparent reason), these often spontaneously go away. The most common are Streptococcus pneumoniae and Salmonella. Sometimes these result in serious infections such as pneumonia, septic arthritis, brain abscesses, osteomyelitis, cellulitis, meningitis, and sepsis, which can result in.

So, when you have the weird symptoms and your doctor says you need to go and have your head shrunk, er eh, you need to see a psychiatrist, instead consider another way to find out what is wrong.

It is called Dark Screen Microscopy. Currently, MD's are not allowed by law to use it. However, DO's and other trained clinicians can. It can cost up to $175 for a testing and review. You will be there during the review as your blood is looked at while it is live and a sample is looked at dried.

Once viewed live, typically it will be crushed (the clinician will gently tap on the glass slide with a pen to break open the red blood cells). Once opened, you will see something you did not see in the live blood, at least if this is your problem. You will see bugs in your blood.


These are cork screw shaped bacteria. They are long. Some have heads at each end (like the one that is associated with Lyme) and some do not. In all, there are over 20 that can infect us. Six are from our mouth. Five are from the island nations. No need to worry about them unless you have traveled there. Lyme has staked its claim on some of them. When these get into your cells, they literally twist inside the cell. This is one time in your life, if you should be infected, you can literally say you are screwed.

There may be cocci or little round bacteria with a tail. This is what Babesia looks like. They cause a hemolytic or blood disease known as babesiosis.

There may be some rod shaped bacteria at the same time.

And you may have some parasites. You can tell these because of the colorful bulls eye looking red blood cells.

It is that simple. If you see them, you know you have them. Now what are you going to do to get rid of them? You will not walk out with a diagnoses as only further testing will say what kind you have. But it is a pretty good guess that you have or will have what one doctor calls MSIDS.

MSIDS or Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome

It is a long name for saying you have several infections all at the same time. Some in particular cause neurological health issues. There are probably over 70 different symptoms and that number is growing.

Once you know, then you can do something about it.

We are currently researching the various treatments for these occult blood microorganisms and the myriad of symptoms they cause.

Note the large air bubble in the slide of live blood under a microscope. Just above and just below the bubble is a blue structure. That is a biofilm. Think of it as a condo for bacteria, a place that they live protected from things like antibiotics. This is bacteremia at its worse.

One thing is for sure. You need to boost your glutathione to help fight these. Through diet, through supplements and don't forget walking, deep breathing and getting sun when ever you can.

This is new to us in 2016 and we are continuing to research it and develop treatment options for it.

What Does Bacteremia Have to Do With My Weight?

One of the nasty problems with Babesia is that your body will put on incredible weight and it will be nearly impossible to lose it. We have seen people who have put on 50 to 100 lbs. Getting it off is nearly impossible, unless you get healthy first. You have to start to treat the bugs in your blood before you will be able to lose the weight.

How? Well if you cannot wait and you want to be one of our volunteer testers, we will share what we have learned about bacteremia with you.

Spoiler Alert: There is no one treatment that works. Everyone has to find a set of protocols that work for them and then rotate through these to avoid bacterial resistance to any treatment you may have.

On a positive note, we can tell you that so far, none of the tinctures or treatments that cost up to $500 dollars work, even if they work for a period of time. So far, it keeps coming back. So, save your money. Our treatment is simple, easy and affordable. And we do not sell any thing we recommend. So we have no profit motive.

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