Amino Acid Profiles:
What is the Best Whey Protein?

What are the amino acid profiles of the leading brands of whey proteins available?

There is a study on Pub Med, the National Institute of Health website. It looked at the comparison of one of the leading multi-level marketing brands of cysteine to one called Protectamin. The study looked at the cysteine products profiles of both.

In a double blind trial of 30 patients each getting 45 grams of whey proteins daily, either Protectamin or the leading MLM (multi-level marketing) brand of cysteine. Which cysteine product? Find out in the chart below. Please note that the leading MLM cysteine product is very good and has the clinical data to prove that it indeed works. I have personally used it in clinical settings. It is everything it claims to be BUT...

What if there was something even better? What if that something better was even less expensive?

The study went on to show that the Ultimate HA Whey from Protectamin out preformed the leading MLM product. There is only one problem. The Protectamin brand is no longer made. You cannot get it. However, based on the studies, it provides a guide on what to look for.

There is Another Option!

There another product on the market that has bioactive whey protein. What is interesting about this product is that the whey protein product makeup is similar to the brand no longer available. As a matter of fact, it is almost exactly like the Ultimate HA Whey from Protectamin profile. It is called ImmunePlex and it is the one on the left column.

One disadvantage to this product is it is stored in a canister. Air oxidizes the product so the longer it is kept, the less effective it is. Only order what you need when you need it. We do not profit from your purchase of this product.

Effects of Long Term Whey Protein Supplementation

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