Alzheimers Scams and Hacks

Your Delusion, Their Profit, Your Loss

Beware of the Alzheimers scams and hacks. Faced with this diagnosis, we will want nothing but the best for our family or loved one.

This very desire is what scam artist will use to take advantage of you. Their claims will go so far as to claim that they have a cure. Unless there is a way to regenerate brain cells that have died, there is no cure. Do not fall for these scams.

We will look at some of the Alzheimers scams and the delusions they will use to try to get your money.

Is it For Real

How you can know if a new treatment is for real or is an Alzheimers Scam? Answer, is it published in a reputable medical journal?

New treatments are constantly emerging for many disease processes. Even those with government approved clinical trials are later found to be harmful and taken off the market. Some that were thought to be nothing more than snake oil are now main stream medicine.

What about the Doctors Don't Want You to Know mantra. Hey, this is the best. I actually had a magnet therapy sales man tell me that doctors don't want you to know about this. Space does not allow for me to explain the fun I had with him.

Needless to say, if anyone says that, go running. I just heard of a patient today (8-16-07) who was hospitalized for liver failure from taking too many products that doctors don't want you to know about.

Note...There was a time magnet therapy was shunned by the medical profession. Many claims are still questionable. However there is one way magnets are used in the hospital setting. This is to help heal back bones after surgery.

I know because I have applied them to patients under my care. It somehow speeds it up (it is in the medical journals).

Just because it works on bone healing after surgery does not mean other forms likewise work. Let the buyer beware. And please don't use this to say that magnets cure arthritis or the common cold.

Alzheimers Scams and Nutritional Supplements

The top of the Alzheimers Hacks and Scams is nutritional supplements.

Vitamins are an essential part of health management. Studies on the use of vitamin E and Ginkgo Biloba to name just a few are bounced back and forth like a ping-pong ball.

Most doctors feel it is best to error on the side of, if it doesn't hurt, go ahead and take it. That being said, it is essential to let the doctor know what natural nutrients that are being taken.

They can have an effect on other medicines that are being taken. Never take large doses regardless of what anything or anyone says unless it is a medical doctor experienced in the field.

Nutritional Supplement Alzheimers Scams

What about the Health Care Scams and in the nutrient field?

If the ad makes bold claims like, "cures Alzhemimers" or "miracle," then run the other way. There is no way to heal dead brain cells. There may be some day. You will hear of it on the TV, Papers, and News Magazines.

A closely related Alzheimers Scam is Chelation therapy. Chelation is a legitimate FDA approved therapy for some treatments. It is controversial at the least. One death related to chelation made the headlines.

Ask for the medical literature on how effective it is. You can go to Medline and look it up.

Warning, the rectal and oral chelation agents you can buy on the web have no scientific trials and have the potential to cause permanent health problems.

Ask anyone around in the mid 70's if they remember the protein diets that caused kidney failure and the resulting law suits. This was a food and diet supplement and it still slipped through the safety cracks.

Would you want to risk the health of a loved one on something that is effectively a medical treatment and supervised by someone who has no medical background, you. Even worse, how would you feel to have harmed them and then find out it was an Alzheimers Scam?

The use of chelation in Alzheimers disease relates to the belief that Aluminum and later Zinc and Copper were causative agents. The chelating agent used is clioquinol.

The problem is the risk relate to the agent like kidney failure and blindness. The blindness is not theoretical. It caused thousands of cases of blindness in Japan when clioquinol was used in treating dysentery.

There are a number of risks or potential side effects of using chelation therapy. These include things like kidney damage, low blood pressure, allergic reaction that can cause death, drop in blood calcium levels, increased risk of blood clots or bleeding, even interfering with the bodies ability to make some kind of blood cells.

There are just as many risks using the drugs given my doctors as well. Evidence is pointing to the holistic care as providing more benefit and improving outcomes.

Chelation is not 100% safe

Regardless of what you may read, chelation is not 100% safe. There are some serious complications as the death that made the news in 2007 demonstrated.

Although the health care field will not tell you, even just getting an IV could result in a life threatening complication. The difference is that when you get an IV in the hospital, there is a team and and all the tools to take care should there be a complication.

In addition to the above, there are no high level studies that show that Chelation therapy works. Actually there are no medical studies that show that it works. So what are these claims made on? Your faith and open wallet.

If you want to reduce heavy metal from the brain there is a product that has been clinically tested by doctors and inside hospitals. It is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference.

It is a fraction of the over all cost of chelation therapy. However, as stated above, once the brain cells die, they will not come back.

It is not a cure. It will not produce a miracle. The product is a natural form of the key ingredient we need to boost our glutathione in our bodies. Unfortunately, it is the one ingredient that is depleted in the North American Diet.

The Zapper

Guaranteed to zap your wallet of your hard earned dollars.

Readily available on the internet for prices ranging from $75 to $300 and special frequencies that you have to get the numbers for to get them. If you want to be parted with your money, I can tell you how to build one yourself for about $15.

Hey, they are supposedly able to cure everything or at least that is what the claims from the European countries say about them. The Canadian and US companies that sell them have been made to stop making claims that cannot be backed by scientific evidence.

One thing for sure, they have an exceptional record of putting money in the pockets of the Alzheimers scams and hacks.

One last note on the Zapper. I know of one patient who tried to use a similar device to treat the constant ringing in his ears. It made the ringing worse.

Self Administered Alzheimers Test

This poses an interesting challenge. If you check the directions, you will find that you have to go to the doctor to get further evaluated.

So why pay money for a test that is going to tell you that you have to go to the doctor anyway to get a diagnosis.

Besides, if it is something more serious and easier to treat, you will want to get proper medical care as soon as possible.

Bottom not waste your money on Alzheimers Scams!

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