Whey Protein Isolate

One form of cysteine is a whey protein isolate. It can help 'strengthen immune system' by boosting immunity. But we have found a less expensive and according to one independent study, a better product.

Most Important: This is not the same whey protein weight lifters use and it is not mixed the same way. Heat and mechanical (blender) mixing destroys the special properties of bioactive whey proteins.

It is also not an isolate. It is bio-active. To get the immune boosting properties of whey protein, it is necessary that the whey protein be a bioactive form.

Proof Is there independent proof that the formula is effective? It is easy for a company to say they are the best and back it with studies they financed. Is there independent proof that the whey protein preforms what it says it does? See the Amino Acid link below to find out which is best.

Value Is the product a good value. The best treatment in the world is of no value if you cannot afford to take it. This is the single reason we stopped promoting MLM products, even though they were good. They are too expensive and we found a better product at a lower price.

Does the company even list all of the ingredients?

While there are MLM products that meet all the above criteria we have found two things that are better, cheaper and in one case, free. A second one not only is free, it will end up saving you a few hundred dollars every week you use the program.

Something New - Something Better and Something Cheaper

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Why Bio Active?

Whey proteins are available in three forms, concentrate, hydrolysate and whey isolate also called whey protein isolate.

How to Strengthen Immune System

Whey protein is only one way to boost your immune system. There are actually far better ways to improve your immunity. But if you are choosing whey proteins, here is what you need to know.

Using the right kind of whey protein isolate, the optimum whey protein for immunity, is one way to boost your immune system. This kind of whey protein is also found to remove heavy metals from the body and detoxifying the body.

The isolate whey protein must also be bioactive to be the most beneficial for boosting glutathione (GSH).

Although whey proteins are highly bioavailable, unless it is bioactive, the cysteine, the part that boosts the glutathione in our cells, will not work as well to help our body.

We even found a study. a Study Looking at Quality and Quantity the cysteine count of two products. One product outperformed the leading MLM company glutathione boosting product.

While the product we found is much cheaper, it is not sealed. The air oxidizes the product making it less effective.

While we no longer recommend any bonded whey protein products, you should know, with a few simple dietary changes and a few tricks, you can make each dose even more effective, making your body produce even more glutathione.

You Really Need to See the Amino Acid Profiles: A study that looked at two products side by site. Guess which one was found to have no cysteine?

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