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Sickle Cell Anemia

We are working on a theory of treating sickly cell anemia with a combination of the Water Cures Protocol along with the various ways to boost glutathione. The Water Cures alone can boost glutathione according to a 1970's study. There is considerable research on Sickle Cell and dehydration.


Perhaps the most telling reason why we think it could help, the number one protocol for a crisis is a saline IV.

The Water Cures Protocol is nothing more than an oral version of a saline IV.

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Glutathione There are at least five GSH boosting products on the market. The cost starts in the low #30's, average around $75 and could cost as much as several hundred dollars a month.

Not everyone can afford those prices. What if there was a better, a less expensive way? What if you could increase your GSH simply by the foods you eat every day and get the benefits at a fraction of the cost?

Let us know what you think...would you like such a guide?

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Need To Know

The Way to Make More GSH For Free

Glutathione has a high affinity for water. Simply put, if we are dehydrated our bodies may not make as much as they could. Or, what we do make may be less effective.

Usually there is something more than just being dehydrated. Often there is a condition called fluid and electrolyte imbalance, less than bodies needs. There is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to correct this, allowing your body to produce even more GSH.

The Water Cures Protocol really works. Give it a try today.

It is simple, easy, sustainable and affordable (the salt should cost less than $10 a year).

And like GSH, it will help with over 76 different diseases and conditions.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out