What is Glutathione?

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What Is Glutathione Made Of?

Glutathione is a tripeptide made of glutamine, glycene and cysteine.

Glutathione is in every cell of our body. Low levels are associated with 70 different disease or conditions. More importantly, scientific evidence shows that boosting glutathione has helped in treating those 70 diseases.

You cannot take glutathione (GSH) orally as it is poorly absorbed in the gut. The best we can do is take the building blocks of GSH, the least available being cysteine. Additionally we need the building blocks of GSH.

The Overview A bit less technical.

What is Oxidative Stress? A simple explanation.

The Video Version From a Medical Doctor on Glutathione in plain English.

Why Health Care Does Not Embrace Glutathione: A Theory?

Glutathione is associated with helping 71 Diseases and Conditions.

Glutathione and What It Is

Literature answers the question of 'What is Glutathione?' with a recurring theme. It is called the “master antioxidant” of the human body. (Dr. John T. Pinto- Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York). It has been said, “We… cannot survive with out this miraculous antioxidant.” (Dr. Earl Mindell - What You Should Know About the Super Antioxidant Miracle)

The leading authority on glutathione, Dr Gustavo Bunos stated regarding pollution, ozone depletion and the increase in highly ineffective disease that he feels that enhancing glutathione levels will allow for a better quality of life.

What he is speaking about is the antioxidant effects of Glutathione. You could say the anti-pollution immunity boosting effects of glutathione.

Without glutathione, our liver would soon become strained from over accumulation of toxins. This buildup of toxins would result in liver failure, and any of a combination of other system failures. Most likely, multisystem organ failure and death would follow.

Taking a closer look, our cells would look like Swiss cheese. They would have holes punched in them by free radicals.

As the damage continues, other cells with weakened lysome (a cell part that has the job of intercellular digestion) would self destruct or more appropriately, self digest. At the worse, if a free radical compromised the mitochondria, the DNA could be compromised resulting in cancer.

Add to this the additional assaults from viruses, bacteria, toxins and toxoid's that would accumulate in the cells (which means in the organs). Then there are the heavy metals that the body would be unable to remove from the cells let alone the system.

Glutathione is the cells defense for all of these. This means it is part of our bodies defense. Without glutathione, there would be no defense.

So, what is glutathione? The means to optimal health.

Even the use of antioxidants like vitamin C, E and selenium are only useful depending on the level of glutathione (GSH) in each cell. The less GSH the cells have, the less effective these antioxidants are.

Low Glutathione Levels: Over 69 disease or conditions are associated with decreased GSH.

What is Cysteine? This the least available basic building block of glutathione.

What are Cysteines and why do you need to know?

Reduced Glutathione and what it is, what it does.

The Glutathione Pill What we do not know about it.

The Glutathione Boosting Diet lists the foods that will help you boost your glutathione by providing some of the necessary cysteine.

N Acetylcysteine The other cysteine.

N Acetylcysteine Side Effects Some Side Effects and Contraindications you need to know.

A Video about the result of the research. Please come back when you finish watching. There is more here about what is glutathione.

As noted previously on the main Glutathione Page, it is made from the three amino acids. Glutamate (glutamic acid), glycine and cysteine. The first two are a common part of the North American diet and most other diets around the world.

Cysteine is not readily available in many diets around the world and as such is actually treated as a poison by the body. To protect the body, cystine is digested unless it becomes cysteine.

To get cystine in a form that it can be absorbed and put to work by our body requires some stealth technology at the molecular level. When two cystine molecules are bonded with a sulfahydryl molecule then it becomes cysteine. That is why we see the SH in GSH.

Is this a Doctors do not want you to know about thing? This is an interesting look at the truth of the folks who say that doctors do not want you to know about something that could benefit your health.

Cysteine Poor means Glutathione Poor

Without adequate cysteine the body is incapable of making adequate glutathione. This results in weakened defenses on three fronts.

Cellular oxidization results in aging and overall decrease in overall health and wellness.

Accumulation of Toxins cause further damage and result in multiple chemical sensitivity for some. Recent research is uncovering the relationship of some toxins like heavy metals with illnesses that affect our young ones like ADHD.

What is Low CG Syndrome?

What Depletes Glutathione?

More to come on this subject.

The 'What is Glutathione' page will continue to grow with new information on this natural intercellular antioxidant. It is fast becoming a mainstream part of the natural cures/alternative or complimentary medicine. Yes, doctors actually prescribe it and in some US States, Medicare does reimburse for it.

There is a unique part to the question of what is glutathione? The answer is that this is a human genetics website on glutathione.

The Human Genetics Website on Glutathione Glutathione is a genetic enhancing thing.

What is a Pandemic?

This also has the links to the H1N1 Swine flu and what glutathione does to protect you from the flu. Note: Pandemic has reference to geography not severity. There are a lot of pandemics going on right now.

Can Glutathione Cure Disease?

Why Health Care Does Not Embrace Glutathione: A Theory?

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