What Does PMS Mean:
A Guys Guide to Understanding Premenstrual Syndrome

What does PMS mean: A review of what is PMS for men to understand what women have to deal with.

If you are asking what what is PMS, and if you are a guy, this is required reading. You should also know what are the signs of PMS.

Some women may not know that there are actually four subgroups of PMS. Rather than being a know-it-all, only read this for your personal information. Do not try to impress her with your knowledge. Knowing the subgroups can actually give you a decided advantage in knowing how to act and react when she is dealing with this.

One thing you need to know and understand about PMS. Do not even begin to think you know what it is. Having a basic understanding may help you help her when it gets really bad. More on that later.

First...the what does PMS mean question…

What Does PMS Mean?

To answer the question, what is PMS and what does PMS mean requires being somewhat a detective. First a little history...if you like history...or skip down to the next paragraph.

The first medical discussions on this aspect of a womans health in the 1930’s involved a condition called PMT or Premenstrual Tension (PMT). It again got notoriety in the 1980’s when it reemerged. It became apparent that there were a complex of symptoms associated with this condition. Thus it became known as Premenstrual syndrome.

This is interesting because it is rather new. It was not that long ago that doctors were even asking what does PMS mean to a woman. Science is still learning what the answers are.

Over the next 20 years with further study, it became apparent that PMS could be divided into four different subgroups. Premenstrual Syndrome was redefined as four subgroups of Premenstrual Tension (PMT). These are PMT-A, PMT-H, PMT-C, PMT-D. More on how to treat these will be discussed later.

When PMS becomes severe, it is called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Think of this a a fifth subtype or very severe PMS. If the first four subtypes were like getting hit by a linebacker or tight end in a foot ball game, this one is like getting hit with an 800 pound gorilla.

No matter how strong you are, its gonna hurt.

What is PMS or

Who Took My Woman and What Did You do With Her?

On a monthly basis a woman's body releases various hormones. The release of certain hormones follows a cycle. The hormones are released into the blood stream where so that they can go throughout the body. These are biological functions that are part of the female body preparing its self for making babies.

Two of the most important hormones are estrogen and progesterone.

Inside the ovaries these two main sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are produced. The purpose of these hormones is to get the body ready in the event it should become pregnant.

The rise and fall of the levels of these hormones bring on numerous changes in the female body. Most notable are changes in the uterus and breast tenderness.

Among the changes are a number that can be quite disrupting both physically and emotionally. When these symptoms interfere life, they are called PMS Symptoms. Depending on how the body reacts to the ups and downs, the symptoms can be sever or mild.

Note: The woman has no control over how she feels. Think about it, would you have any control over how you would feel if you were hit by a line backer from the (insert your favorite football team here)?

With this knowledge, you can be better equipped to deal with this when and if it happens. Just as you would not spit into the wind, poke a sleeping junk yard dog you happened upon or mess around with Leroy Brown, do not mess around with her when she has to deal with this.

Or if you are more into board games, what does PMS mean here? Like pulling that little card that says, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.

Frequently Asked Questions and the Unfortunate Answers

Q. What if she is mean to me?

A. Sorry but you will have to make do. To the what does PMS mean question, it means being / experiencing something nobody would want to. This is one of the symptoms. Not all experience this. Not all experience this every month. When they do, just be kind, considerate, and use the art of PEVR

Some have found that using the, Water Cures Protocol symptoms are less or non-existent.

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Q. What are the signs and symptoms?

A. The most basic one to note is if she is acting like she just got hit by a line backer. If she seems like she got hit by an 800 pound gorilla, then it might be a good idea to seek medical help.

Here are a list of symptoms...

PMS Symptoms: a comprehensive list of the many symptoms. Note that some of the symptoms can be caused by other factors and may only be incidental to the cycles of the female body. The list has about 50 of the symptoms. Over 150 symptoms have been associated with PMS.

These symptoms can start as early as 14 days before the start of the period or as few as 2 days before. They most often happen seven days before the start of the period. They affect as few as 20 percent and as many as 90 percent of all women who menstruate.

The physical changes can bring on mental and emotional changes. When the combination of these begin to disrupt the quality of life for a woman, they are referred to as PMS or premenstrual syndrome. All women who menstruate experience the changes in their bodies but not all experience the negative side effects. Not all women experience them to the same degree or the same combination of symptoms.

Q How often will women experience this?

A. It is believed that all women will experience at least one of the severe PMS symptom in their lifetime.

The symptoms are so disruptive or severe at times that up to 10 percent women will seek medical attention.

Adolescents experience it less often and it is uncommon until the early 20s.

Diagnosis: From a medical standpoint, clinicians define PMS by a combination of three things.

The symptoms need to correspond with the luteal phase of a woman's cycle. They likewise need to be absent during the follicular phase or the cycle.

There needs to be one moderate to sever mood or emotional symptom and one physical symptom.

PmDD has a more strict criteria (DSM IV) requires 5 symptoms with one severe mood or emotional symptom.

The symptoms need to affect or impair the lifestyle of the woman.

PMS Symptoms

The Four Subgroups of Premenstrual Syndrome

A more comprehensive view of what does PMS mean would include the four subgroups.

The Four Subgroups of PMS

The four subgroups of premenstrual symptom complex are referred to by the original designation of PMT and then assigned a letter. This is because nervous tension is the most common symptom.

They are PMT-A, PMT-H, PMT-C, PMT-D. Therapy should be individualized according to the results of the evaluation.


  • premenstrual anxiety
  • elevated blood estrogen
  • low progesterone is possible
  • irritability and nervous tension
  • occasionally behavior patterns destructive to self, family and society

Think of this as there are teams inside her body. You are rooting for the one you want to win, the normal her team. Imagine how you will feel when you see your team loosing. This is what is going on inside her body.

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  • water and salt retention
  • abdominal bloating
  • breast pain and weight gain

Some parts of her body got waterboarded. How would you feel after going through something like that. Imagine how the cells in her body feel.

In severe PMT-H there will be elevated serum aldosterone.

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  • low red-cell magnesium
  • increased carbohydrate tolerance
  • premenstrual craving for sweets
  • increased appetite
  • will often satisfy the compulsion to eat refined sugar
  • sugar intake causes palpitation, fatigue, fainting spells, headache and sometimes the shakes
  • deficiency of the prostaglandin PGE1 may also be involved in PMT-C
  • Imagine chocolate and sugar are water, you have been in a dessert for just a few days with out water. How would you feel?

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    The least common and most dangerous because of increased number of suicides in this subgroup.

    This is the most serious. Understanding the answer to what does PMS mean is serious in this case. This may require medical help to get through it.

    Her body has been overtaken by enemy insurgents. CTU is doing the best it can to hold them off until reinforcements come. It may take up to 14 days for reinforcements to arrive.





    Forgetfulness and confusion

    In some patients blood estrogen was lower and the mean blood progesterone higher than normal during the midluteal phase.

    In those patients that are hairy, elevated adrenal androgens are observed.

    One notable finding, some patients with normal blood progesterone and estrogen levels had high lead levels in hair tissue and chronic lead intoxication. When the symptoms are severe, this subgroups needs careful medical attention.

    There is much more to what does PMS mean. This is just a basic overview for a guy.

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