What Are Cysteines

Do you know? If someone asked you what are cysteines would you know?

If someone said that cysteine could treat numerous diseases, boost immunity and increase your energy, how would you react? Would you be skeptical? Would the spam filters of your brain stop any further intake of information.

<3>The Science Behind the Claim

If there was science behind this claim would you be interested?

Would you be interested if there was scientifically demonstrated successful treatments for...


Lead Poisoning


Chronic Fatigue

Radiation Poisoning


Lyme Disease

ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease

There is and it is called cysteine. There are about 100,000 scientific studies on how it works, what it works for and how well it works.

Cysteine: Where Can You Get It?

What if the treatment was all natural? To top it off, what if the same all natural treatment was listed in the physicians desk reference. There are cysteine supplements. There are also dietary sources for cysteine.

What are Cysteines?

So, what are cysteines and why do you need to know?

The answer to what are cysteines can be found in what it does. They are associated with and in many studies have successfully treated all of the above diseases and more. Instead of just thousands, there are over 100 thousand articles that look at the glutathione precursor cysteine, glutathione and the benefits that come from boosting your glutathione. Cysteine is what makes it possible to boost your glutathione.

This cysteine is special. It is not the same as weight lifters use. It is a bio active, medical grade cysteine.

To understand how one single amino acid can be a part of helping so many different and diverse diseases you will need to connect the dots of the various studies that look at it and where it comes from.

Cysteine is an amino acid made of two cystine molecules bound together with a thiol (sulfa molecule). Cystine is toxic to humans and as such gets broken down in the stomach to allow it to safely pass through our system.

IT is considered a non-essential amino acid, yet it is essential if you want to prevent or treat any of the above diseases. Studies point to it possibly being essential that infants, the elderly, those with malabsorption syndromes, and certain metabolic diseases get it.

A Fragile Molecule

Cysteine can be found in many high protein foods. However since it is very fragile, cooking or using a high speed blender to process the food can destroy it. This can limit the amount of the bio-active amino acid available to be absorbed.

The Glutathione Boosting Diet lists the foods that will help you boost your glutathione by providing some of the necessary cysteine.

N Acetylcysteine The other cysteine.

N Acetylcysteine Side Effects Some Side Effects and Contraindications you need to know.

The Glutathione Precursor

Because of the reactions that thiols undergo (thiols are the thio of glutathione) when a part of glutathione, cysteine makes glutathione the most powerful antioxidant in the body. The effectiveness of any other antioxidant you take will depend on your glutathione levels.

The ability for the human body to absorb glutathione is limited. Only the lungs and mucous membranes can absorb glutathione. Not to worry though, your mucous membrane (the pink inside your mouth) extends from your mouth to the place where things come out.

Other than IV, the only way to boost your glutathione is to take the glutathione precursor in the bio-active form of cysteine. The availability of the other precursors of glutathione, glutamic acid and glycine are well supplied in the diets of most North Americans. Cysteines however are rarely available. For many, to get adequate quantities requires supplementation.

Iron-sulfur Cluster Precursor

Cysteine has another important function in human metabolism. Iron regulates L-cystine uptake and potentiates or makes even better the downstream production of glutathione. This is the sum of the parts being greater than the whole.

Studies indicate that supplementing your iron boosts your glutathione production. This requires that cysteine intake also be increased.

Super Man vs Super Molecule

Superman could not hold a candle to cysteine when it becomes part of glutathione. Superman could bend steel bars with his bare hands. Glutathione with the help of cysteine can bind numerous other metals with its bare molecules.

If you have mercury fillings and have had years of unexplained illnesses and have not been able to find relief, this is especially for you.

The cysteines in glutathione can help remove many toxic metals and some heavy metals from your body. Zinc fingers, copper in the blue copper proteins, cytochrome P450, nickel in NiFe-hydrogenanse, mercury, lead and cadmium are the most notable. Since it will bind tightly to these, it can effectively remove them from the body.

Cysteine may not be stronger than a locomotive but it can stop a speeding disease racing through your body. Eat your heart out Superman.

The answer to what are cysteines may just be, they save your life.

There are two types of cysteine. One is all natural and found in milk whey protein. The other is both a drug and nutritional supplement. It is called by its initials NAC. NAC cysteine has advantages and disadvantages compared to bioactive cysteine.

There is much more to what are cysteines. Please return to additional information as it is posted.

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