Weight Loss Secrets: Simple, Sustainable, Safe

It is surprising that the least understood of the weight loss secrets involves getting healthy to lose weight, not losing weight to get healthy.

Weight loss is not a one size fits all. Is it genetic? Do you have a Lyme disease co-infection that causes, among other health problems, weight gain and a seemingly inability to lose weight? Spoiler Alert: You will not be able to lose weigh until you treat the infection.

Below Are Six Weight Loss Secrets

First, consider some of the basic weight loss secrets that work to get the weight off and keep it off, at least for some people. These are basic principles that work in all methods of weight loss.

This is simple, easy, sustainable and if you keep with it, it will produce lasting weight loss. The principles will not only help with weight loss, it will help for overall health.

A little known fact is that the Water Cures Protocol helps increase your glutathione levels. Do it daily and it is an almost free way to increase your GSH.

Raw Food Weight Loss

This is an exciting dietary change to try. Almost everyone should try this. Everything from no bake apple pies to no bake zucchini can all be mad with no heat. They can be made raw and the tastes are incredible.

The cost of the ideally organic foods you will use on this diet are also a source of boosting glutathione. The money you will spend on supplements to boost GSH can go toward higher quality natural foods.

Warning: If you have Dysbiosis (dysbacteriosis), a microbial imbalance or maladaptation on or inside the gut, such as an impaired microbiota, then the raw food diet is not for you. Eating raw foods require more energy to digest. This stresses out your gut and increases inflammation. The gut needs to heal first before using this kind of dietary change. This is common in those with Lyme disease or MSIDS.

The fastest weight loss is not recommended as a way to lose weigh because of the risk of rebound. However, if you are trying to lose weight brought on by Lyme disease, MSIDS or Babesia (also called Nuttallia) infects the blood and cause a parasitic, hemolytic disease known as babesiosis. One of the biggest problem this causes is putting on excess weight that is impossible unless the infection is treated first.

Increasing your intercellular glutathione is an essential part of healing from this infection and the resulting damage it does to our body.

Drink Water To Lose Weight

It sounds like a simple concept. This has been reported on in numerous journals and books. It is simple, easy and sustainable. It should be a part of all weight loss and health maintenance programs.

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

This is one simple change you can make that may be a key to your weight loss.

Weight Gain Drugs

These are the drugs that cause unwanted weight gain.

Bugs In Your Blood

Bacteria can make you fat and make it nearly impossible to lose the weight, unless you first treat the bacteria....or get healthy to lose weight!

Why We Get Fat

In his 2010 book, Why We Get Fat, Gary Taubes disclosed one of the weight loss secrets. More about his findings at the end of this section.

We are not fat because we eat too much. We are eat too much because we are fat. In other words, our bodies work to maintain our weight, what ever it may be. If we eat less, our body will slow us down. If we try to lose weight, our bodies will try to fight us to maintain what ever weight we are.

That is not the only cause. He shared the research showing how genes play a role in how fat we are. There are other factors too.

Then in the "What to do about it" section of the book, he shares how many doctors and otherwise discovered that cutting carbs is one of the weight loss secrets that works for many. While it will not work exceptionally for everyone, it does work. He does admit there is no one size fits all way of losing weight.

For instance, some will not be able to eat as much fruit as others, again, depending on your body makeup.

One secret to weight loss he did not cover, drinking water to lose weight.

Another cause he did not look at is MSIDS / Lyme and Babesia weight gain.

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