Water and Health

Your Bodies Many Cries for Water

Water and health go together like keys and locks when it comes to aging management.

Water and Health

There are numerous disease and conditions that can be improved by simply drinking more water. It is that simple. There are numerous ways this works. For now, consider what you can do. Other pages will get more into the science.

In addition to drinking more water, it is important to...

  • Drink at the Right Time
  • Drink the Right Quantity
  • Take 1/8th Teaspoon of Salt for Each 16 oz of Water
  • Not Drink Too Much Water at One Time

Drink more water and you can improve your health. Drink more water and combine the raw food diet, breathing and the isometric exercises and you can improve your health exponentially.

Chronic dehydration is epidemic. One commonality of many diseases is chronic dehydration. Properly rehydrate the body and many diseases disappear.

Drink too Much Water and You Die

Learn who is at risk. How to avoid the dangers. If you exercise or have children who play sports, then you need to read this.

How Much Water to Drink

How much water you drink is key to both health and weight loss.

How to Drink More Water

Once you know how much to drink, the next challenge is to do it. Learn how you can drink more water.

Drink Water to Lose Weight

One simple way to get lose weight is to drink more water. But it is essential that the water be consumed at the right time and in the right way. Do this right and you can kick start your metabolism and lose the unwanted pounds.

Are You Ready to Start Your Water and Health?

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Correcting dehydration often times produces the same results as boosting glutathioine.

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