The Useless Vitamin D Rebuttal

Vitamin D Won't Lower Your Blood Pressure According to CBS
And Why They're Wrong

Here is our Useless Vitamin D Rebuttal. Early on in the debate, Vitamin D was called useless but the studies used vitamin D2 rather than the higher quality vitamin D3. Now there is a new twist in the Vitamin D Debate.

In Mid March, 2015 Dr. CBS follows a basic news axiom....never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Or what was called in 2016-7 fake news. While Dr. Google and Dr. CBS do a lot of good, there is also a dark side. This is one of those dark sides.

Dr. CBS is saying your doctor is wrong and you should not listen or trust your doctor if they tell you to take Vitamin D.

It was suggested you challenge your doctor. Well, lets challenge the accuracy of Dr CBS. Lets look at the vitamin D debate.

In reviewing numerous rebuttals of the 'Useless Vitamin D Debacle,' we have put together this information. It is a digest of the various rebuttals.

There is no question that there are a number of benefits of vitamin D. Yet a 2009 study found nearly 3/4 of us are not getting enough. The doctor on CBS suggested that an even higher percent of us are not getting enough vitamin D. We found the numbers slightly different than reported but for African Americans, the numbers were even worse. Close to 1/3 are at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

A Bone of Contention

What about fractures? The study looked at research that suggested a 26% increase in fractures. But it should be noted that the 26% increase group were getting 500,000 IU dose at one time (something only done under a doctors supervision and a very large dose at that).

Yet, the BMJ 2003; 326:469, which was not a review, rather, a double blind placebo trial found otherwise.

"We found a single oral 100 000 IU dose of vitamin D four monthly to be acceptable, safe, and effective in reducing the incidence of fracture in men and women aged over 65 living in the general community."

Specifically it was a 22% lower rate for first fracture at any site and a 33% lower rate for a fracture occurring in the hip, wrist or forearm, or vertebrae among those getting the Vitamin D. It was a double blind placebo test.

Yet somehow, the study or at least the CBS doc said that the study indicated that vitamin D was not good for us and should be avoided.

On this one, listen to your personal doc and not Dr. CBS.

Of course, I have a bone to pick on this issue with my humble nursing beginnings as an orthopedic nurse.

There is much debate over what it will and will not do. The second issue, Vitamin D does not help lower blood pressure. Notice the arguments on both sides, posted on the same website and referred to on the CBS presentation.

On WebMD, one headline said....

Vitamin D Won't Help Fight High Blood Pressure and a year earlier,

....on the same site,

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to High Blood Pressure.

What Should We Conclude?

First, let me say that in my opinion, the study was nothing more than cherry picking the trials and as such is flawed in how the studies used were included and in the way they were put together. This is not new data. And it is not a balanced review of what was observed.

As an example, the research did not include blood pressure changes as the outcome. Of those reviewed, there were 14 that dosed the vitamin D once a month or even longer than a month. Interestingly, one group did have a significant effect on diastolic blood pressure although this was somehow left out of the abstract.

Here is what was left out:

Journal of Hypertension: October 2009 - Volume 27 - Issue 10 - p 1948–1954 Effect of vitamin D on blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Conclusion: We found weak evidence to support a small effect of vitamin D on blood pressure in studies of hypertensive patients.

Note: The decrease in blood pressure in the study found was in those with low vitamin D and elevated baseline blood pressure. In other words, those who needed it the most. Also the study looked at D2, D3 and sun light. Vitamin D2 is far inferior to D3 and may even be associated with worse outcomes.

Where will the "Useless Vitamin D Debate" go, nobody will know. However, we will be following it and will keep you posted.

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