Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Is there a vitamin D and weight loss connection? The simple answer is yes.

Vitamin D, Elephants and Blind Scientists

However, before you get too excited about vitamin d and weight loss, remember the story of the five blind scientists and the elephant. The five blind scientists were each conducting their own study of elephants. None were aware of the others studies.

As each scientist became aware of the one part of the elephant, they neglected to look any farther. So, each in turn felt that an elephant is long and slinky, like a rope, strong and cylindrical like a tree, round and soft like a giant beach ball, flat and floppy like a giant leaf, short and round like a snake.

Since each of the scientist was not aware of the other studies going on, they did not know they each had a piece of the whole picture. Because they were blind, they could not see.

Do not be blind about your health care. This is only one part of the whole picture.

Vitamin D and weight loss are just as connected as calcium and weight loss. In answering the question on weight loss and vitamin D, there are other parts of the big picture you need to be aware of.

Vitamin D, which is a steroid vitamin or prohormone, encourages the body to absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorous. If you are exposed to normal quantities of sunlight, then you will not need vitamin D supplements. This is because sunlight helps your body make or synthesize vitamin D in your skin.

There are several forms of vitamin D. The different types are vitamin D1, D2, D3, D4, D5. The ones important to your health are vitamins D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol).

But what about vitamin D and losing weight?

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Here are a couple of studies. It is important to note that vitamin D is a glutathione precursor. Boost your vitamin D and if you have the other building blocks, then you will boost your glutathione.

Vitamin D is most likely connected to maintaining an optimal body weight, according to research from the Medical College of Georgia, USA.

The University of Minnesota research found that levels of Vitamin D at the start of a low-calorie diet predict weight loss success. This further suggests a connection with vitamin D in weight loss.

Anticancer Research, September 2009 reported on the growing health problem of obesity that is found in developing countries.

Excess body weight is a risk factor for numerous physical and psychological diseases and conditions. Included in the list are cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, several types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

It pointed to recent findings of obesity being related to low vitamin D status.

Looking at 2,126 patients there was found a significant decrease of serum D3 levels as the body mass index increased.

The article concluded..."The D3 level, as well as its seasonal variation and the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency, are all dependent on BMI (body mass index), and age separately. The results of the study suggest that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men with BMI > or = 40 are vitamin D deficient."

Remember, vitamin D and weight loss connection are only one part of the picture. Notice another benefit.

In the American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, January 2007 was an article on ... Supplementation with calcium + vitamin D enhances the beneficial effect of weight loss on plasma lipid and lipoprotein concentrations.

The objective of the study was to look at the effects of calcium and vitamin D as part of a weight loss program.

The conclusion: By consuming calcium and vitamin D during a weight-loss program significantly improved the cholesterol levels and ratios.

Weight Loss And The Elephant

People try to to loose weight to get healthy. What if the better way was to get healthy in order to loose weight. Start buy boosting your glutathione through the natural sources.

One of the simplest ways to increase glutathione is through proper hydration (the Water Cures Protocol). Then, if the right foods are consumed, the ones that turbocharged your metabolism, you will have a better chance of successfully loosing weight.

Rather than looking at only one part of the weight loss consider the entire challenge. Work on getting healthy in order to loose weight.

Best Source of Vitamin D

What is the best source?

Consider this study in the Journal of Internal Medicine, April, 2009, it looked at the sun.

Would exposure to sun relate to body fat in a random population sample?

Of the 367 people looked at, lower vitamin D levels were associated with sun exposure.

Sunshine and Vitamin D

Too Much of a Good Thing

Just as a little sun will help you in many ways, too much is bad for your health. Vitamin D supplementation, if overdone, can harm you.

Likewise, too much calcium in the form of supplements can harm you.

There is an interesting correlation here. If a little sun is good, and if vitamin D helps the body make glutathione, then if you want to boost your glutathione, one of the daily routines of life should include exposure to the sun.

If you have been looking for a good excuse for taking a walk, take a walk on your break or at lunch time. Just 15 minutes twice a day around the middle of the day.

Remember the five blind scientists. It is important to put all the pieces together and look at the whole picture if you want to have usable knowledge. Exercise, the sun, vitamin D and calcium are only part of the big picture of optimal health and age management.

Life is not just something we can take in a pill. So too, our health, if we want the best, will require doing something. You have started by putting the vitamin d and weight loss pieces together with other aspects of good health.

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