What are the Types of Inflammation?

The various types of inflammation all have several things in common. The most important, they are associated with disease and injury. Often times inflammation can be treated by boosting intercellular glutathione. Boosting glutathione (GSH) can be accomplished by increasing dietary intake of cysteine and the GSH co-factors.

What is inflammation, what causes inflammation, and what causes the specific inflammation related to disease processes like cancer.

Definition of Inflammation

Inflammation is the response of vascular body tissue to injury or irritation. It is notable as the area becomes reddened in fair skin, darkening in dark skin, swollen and hot. It is often accompanied with pain or tenderness. Inflammation accompanied by infection may be accompanied by puss.

Medical terms for inflammation are usually indicated by adding the suffix -itis. There are exceptions such as asthma and pneumonia.

It should be noted that inflammation is not the same as infection nor is it synonymous with infection.

Inflammation, a protective action that the body uses to remove the offending stimuli so that healing can take place. Inflammation is not the same as infection even if inflammation is caused by infection.

What is Inflammation, What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation can be the result of harmful stimuli like pathogens, cells damaged by mechanical injury, burns or chemical and biological irritants. The inflammatory process is an attempt by the body to remove the cause of the injury and start the healing process.

Infection is caused by a pathogen originating from outside the body, while inflammation is the response of the organism to the pathogen.

Without inflammation, wounds and infections would not heal. The destruction of tissue would continue threatening survival and continued life.

Inflammation that continues unattended can also lead to a host of diseases, such as hay fever, atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and recent studies include lung cancer. Because of these dangers, the human body closely regulates inflammation.

Inflammation In Body provides a more in depth look at the inflammatory process.

Types of Inflammation

What are the types of inflammation? First, inflammation can be divided into either acute or chronic.

  • Acute inflammation is the initial response of the body to the harmful stimuli. The stimulation results in increased movement of plasma and white blood cells into injured tissues.
  • Chronic Inflammation is the result of inflammation being prolonged for a period of time. It results in a change in the type of cells at the site site of the inflammation.

Other Types of Inflammation

Heart Disease Inflammation

There are several search terms to research inflammation of the lungs and related areas. If you search the following terms and look for glutathione and cysteine you will find a wealth of information. It all points to the same thing. Boosting glutathione produces remarkable results.

Inflammation in the lungs

H Pylori induced inflammation.

bronchial inflammation
lung inflammation
inflammation in the lungs
inflammation of the bronchi
inflammation of the bronchial tubes
inflammation lung
inflammation of the lung

Inflammatory Disorders

There are a number of unrelated group of disorders which are the ulterior cause of a variety of human diseases. The immune system is often involved with inflammatory disorders as can be seen in both allergic reactions and some myopathies. Many immune system disorders result in abnormal inflammation. Many non-immune diseases have origins in inflammatory processes such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and ischaemic heart disease.

Some Disorders Associated With Types of Inflammation:

Autoimmune diseases
Chronic inflammation
Chronic prostatitis
Inflammatory bowel diseases
Lung Cancer
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Reperfusion injury
Rheumatoid arthritis
Transplant rejection (Note: Boosting GSH is not recommended!)

How Can Glutathione Levels be Increased?

HIF-1: Key to Hypoxia

Factor HIF-1 is one of the principal mediators of homeostasis in oxygen starved human tissues. It is implicated in almost every process of rapid gene expression when this is a response to low oxygen levels (called hypoxia).

Inflammation is the most common causes of tissue hypoxia and or decreased circulation. Both inflamed tissues as well as the areas surrounding malignant tumors are characterized by hypoxia and low concentrations of glucose.

Inflammation can lead to sepsis, circulatory collapse and ultimately multi-system organ failure.

HIF-1 plays a critical role in cancer, lung and cardiovascular diseases. The abstract concluded that better understanding of the functions of HIF-1 and being able to modulate its activity could mean a successful therapeutic approach to these diseases.

HIF-1 The Key Mediator in Hypoxia

Well....read the next study. It seems that boosting glutathione with cysteine can indeed modulate it.

NAC-ROS-and Decreased Inflammation of the Lungs study looks at how a NAC compound helps with inflammation.

Bottom line...boosting glutathione can not only treat inflammation, it can modulate, perhaps even eradicate cancer. At the least, it is a very potent prophylaxis or preventing agent for cancer.

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