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Our Goal

It is our hope that, even if in a small way, we can at the least be of some comfort. At the best, we hope that the research and the information will help those dealing with this to find relief and even be able to put an end to this troubling condition.

Boosting glutathione may be at the core of helping to eliminate this condition. One of the studies that considered this looked specifically at N-acetylcysteine or NAC. NAC is only one of several ways to boost glutathione.

Boost your glutathione and you are on you way to better health.


Where to Get N-Acetylcysteine for Trichotillomania?

What is Trichotillomania? takes a look at the condition. Is it a disease, condition? Is it psychological or mental? We have a different theory?

Treatment for Trichotillomania looks at what is being done and what is working. There is a new treatment on the block. Only thing, it is not a medicine!

Cause of Trichotillomania looks at the background of Trich.


Etymology of Trichotillomania looks at the word history and origin or the term that is used to describe trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania Support provides a list of some of the web based support groups and the local groups across the US.

N-acetylcysteine More info and Where to Get It

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