The Swine Flu Glutathione Protection

Could A Swine Flu Treatment Be So Simple?

The swine flu glutathione connection has been reported in numerous medical journals. After you read this you may be asking yourself, could it be that simple.

The 2009 swine flu re-emergence was not only predicted, the prophylaxis treatment for the flu was offered.

What is interesting is that the swine flu and glutathione protection relationship was recognized before there was even an outbreak.

The Swine Flu Glutathione Connection

In the publication Med Hypotheses, 2006 in an article titled A nutritional supplement formula for influenza A (H5N1) infection in humans. it was reported that 165 cases of human H5N1 (Bird Flu) with 88 deaths.

It stated, "Though a near-term possibility of a global H5N1 influenza pandemic remains, currently there is no vaccine or anti-viral drug that is proven to be safe and effective in preventing or treating H5N1 influenza in humans."

As a result, it proposed an alternative. The alternative points to the swine flu glutathione protection.

The article continues, "The authors present here a significant body of medical and scientific evidence to support the prophylactic use of a carefully designed nutritional supplement formulation that may antagonize the major pathogenic processes of H5N1 influenza in humans."

Note that it says significant body of evidence.

It went on to describe the various mechanisms that it would degrade H5N1 virulence by directly affecting the virus itself inhibit H5N1 viral replication by maintaining cellular redox equilibrium in host cells inhibit H5N1 replication by a DNA protective process (one of the many GSH properties) down-regulate activation and proliferation of proinflammatory cytokines in respiratory cells protect the lungs and other vital organs from virus- and cytokine-induced oxidative stress by supplying and maintaining sufficient levels of exogenous and endogenous antioxidants.

The last point is most important. The North American and Mexican diet do not provide sufficient endogenous antioxidants. Most have heard of Co-Q 10. There are actually four. The most important of these is glutathione.

It is perhaps the easiest to boost levels in the body of and the most important of these antioxidants.

How do you boost the endogenous antioxidants?

The article continued to show how, among other things, selenium and cysteine could, if taken prophylactically (to prevent disease), "aid humans infected with H5N1 influenza to survive with a reduced likelihood of major complications, and may provide a relatively low-cost strategy for individuals as well as government, public-health, medical, health-insurance, and corporate organizations to prepare more prudently for an H5N1 pandemic."

Note: The study said that resveratrol (the stuff from grapes, (the French Paradox) would also help. Resveratrol induces glutathione synthesis and on its own is poorly absorbed. There are more efficient supplements to accomplish the same result.

Also, the form of cysteine used was not the clinically best formulation available. There are products that are even better at producing glutathione. They even have clinical proof of their effectiveness.

This is a powerful study.

But wait, is this not bird flu. What about swine flu. Well, first note that the swine flu is a cousin of and shares part of the bird flu make up.

Next, consider what other studies say about the same thing regarding flu in general. This likewise points to the swine flu glutathione protection connection.

Swine Flu Glutathione Protection

Another study found a similar result. Attenuation of influenza-like symptomatology and improvement of cell-mediated immunity with long-term N-acetylcysteine treatment.

The objective of the study was to evaluate long-term treatment with NAC on influenza.

The study was a randomized, double-blind trial. Those with chronic respiratory problems were not allowed into the study.

The trial involved giving either placebo or NAC tablets (600 mg) twice daily for a 6 month period.

The study found that "NAC treatment was well tolerated and resulted in a significant decrease in the frequency of influenza-like episodes, severity, and length of time confined to bed. Both local and systemic symptoms were sharply and significantly reduced in the NAC group."

From a scientific standpoint, the seroconversion (virus becoming activated inside the body) towards A/H1N1 Singapore 6/86 influenza virus was similar in the two groups, but only 25% of virus-infected subjects under NAC treatment developed a symptomatic form, versus 79% in the placebo group.

It concluded that "a significant attenuation of influenza and influenza-like episodes, especially in elderly high-risk individuals, was present."

Note that it also indicated that the N-acetyl cysteine or NAC did not prevent H1N1 virus influenza infection. Rather it significantly reduced the number of people and how bad their symptoms were.

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