Surgery and Glutathione

Surgery and glutathione goes together peanut-butter and jelly. Boosting glutathione can improve the outcomes of various surgeries.

The Essential Glutathione

It is essential to make sure that boosting glutathione will not interfere with the surgery, as with organ transplants. Boosting GSH should be coordinated with your doctor and surgical team.

It is also important to avoid stopping your supplements cold turkey. Abruptly stopping could leave your body in a weakened state. Coordination with your health care team is the key.

What Doctors Don't Want You to Know

The one thing seldom addressed by the Doctors Don’t Want You to Know groups and is what will you do if you are injured? What will you do if you break an arm or leg? What will you do if you have need for a surgery to care for a disease?

Face it, all of us will need a doctor some day.

It is necessary to have a doctor who is working with you in your health care. This way, if you are ever in need of hospital care, you will have someone watching over your shoulder.

More and more hospitals are moving toward acceptance of complimentary alternative health care. The issue that is of concern is that the hospitals that are not accepting of complimentary alternative modalities.

There is much more to come on this topic. Please come back for the changes and updates.

The Health and Wellness Tourism

Better surgery for less. Better surgery for less. This is a growing industry. A surgery that will cost $200,000 at Penn Hospital will cost less than $37,000 including air fare for you and a family member.

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Need To Know

The Way to Make More GSH For Free

Glutathione has a high affinity for water. Simply put, if we are dehydrated our bodies may not make as much as they could. Or, what we do make may be less effective.

Usually there is something more than just being dehydrated. Often there is a condition called fluid and electrolyte imbalance, less than bodies needs. There is a simple, easy and inexpensive way to correct this, allowing your body to produce even more GSH.

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