Sore Throat Remedy that Really Works

There are dozens of remedies but only one sore throat remedy that has kept me sore throat free for over a decade now. It is not one of the more commonly touted remedies either. As a matter of fact, in North East Pennsylvania, ask almost anyone what to do for a sore throat and they will tell you the same thing.

Unlike most supplements, this sore throat remedy is one you only take for a few days at the most. This means it is not only simple, it is inexpensive.

Zinc Lozenges: The Sore Throat Remedy

Zinc lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten he duration of a cold. More importantly, if taken as a sore throat is starting, they will stop it. They are a remedy for a sore throat that really work. If you take it after the sore throat is active, they will usually end the sore throat in a matter of hours.

This is the way I have kept sore throat free for more than a decade.

How Zinc Lozenges Work

A sore throat is the result of viral or bacterial insurgents entering our throat. As they continue to grow in numbers, the body mounts a defense. Eventually the body will win in most cases.

What if you could drop a nuclear bomb that would kill every living insurgent but not kill the good guys, your throat cells. It seems that viruses and bacteria cannot thrive when exposed to zinc. In their weakened state, the body can now move in, kick them out and you can get on with your life and health.

It is our human nature to only look for solutions to problems and not act in a preventive way. There is a proverb that speaks of the wise as seeing the calamity coming and conceal themselves.

If you had a sore throat in the last couple of years, you will probably get another this year.

Since the mucous membranes are mostly affected by a cold and sore throat, the zinc lozenge trickles over the mucous membranes as it slowly dissolves. It then goes to work fighting the enemy insurgents wreaking havoc on your neck mucous membranes.

With the speed and agility of a marine assault group, the zinc attack and kill the insurgent cold causing cytokines.

In addition to killing the insurgents, the marine like zinc goes to work to protect the community.

Our mucous membranes have a considerable number of capillaries which allows for the zinc to be absorbed as it dissolves.

Make Zinc Work Better on Your Sore Throat

Do not take zinc until a few hours after eating citrus fruit and do not eat citrus before you plan on taking the zinc.

If you want to get maximum benefit, keep the lozenge under your tongue.

Do not chew the lozenge. It is the sucking and slow release that makes it work best.

If you feel a sore throat coming on, if possible, use the sore throat remedy zinc right away. Also take zinc before you go to sleep. Since the zinc is circulated through the lymph system (our other circulatory system) and that stops circulating when we are sleeping. So, once circulated, it can now stay in contact with the infected mucous membranes and continue destroying the cause of the cold.

This may result with a feeling of being dried out which is a side effect of the anti-inflammatory properties of zinc.

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