Sore Throat Prevention, Treatment and Cure

Here is a scientific study that found a sore throat prevention treatment that worked. This is great news.

Supplemental Solutions To Sore Throats

There are supplements that, according to some studies, can serve as a sore throat treatment, prevention and cure. Before you rush to the store to get this, make sure and read the section on getting the best bang for your buck when taking this supplement.

A second solution involves a diet that boost glutathione. This diet is summed up in the title Raw Food Diet.

All in all, the Simple Sore Throat Treatment at the bottom of the page is the most effective, the cheapest and the simplest way to stop and or prevent a sore throat. Only problem, there are no studies to show this. This recommendation is from numerous personal experiences shared with me from those I have recommended this to. I do not profit from suggesting this.

The Best Sore Throat Prevention Treatment

The researchers tested N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) on a group of elderly men and women. They were more susceptible to flu and flu like symptoms. Although the study is about the flu, sore throat played a role in the study.

Doctor Silvio De Flora, a medical doctor of the Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Genoa, Italy conducted the study. It looked at several things, including what proved to be a sore throat treatment and sore throat preventative solution that worked.

It involved 262 participants who were randomly given NAC. It was a double blind study which means that neither the patients nor the researchers knew if they were getting the NAC.

The test involved giving either two placebos or two 600 mg tablets with NAC. These were given daily for six through the winter flu season. All of the subjects kept a daily log of their health as well as symptoms. Some were even tested for flu antibodies.

Note: the NAC did not prevent flu infection. However, something wonderful happened.

According to De Flora, the subjects who were found to have laboratory-confirmed flus and were taking NAC, only 25 percent developed symptoms. So, even though 75 percent had the flu, they had no symptoms.

In contrast, 79 percent of the men and women taking placebos developed clear-cut flu symptoms, according to the published article in European Respiratory Journal. This means NAC supplements reduced the likelihood of having flu symptoms by more than two-third.

The study considered all general flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache, achiness, nasal discharge, cough, and sore throat.

This means it worked as a sore throat prevention treatment.

Those supplementing with NAC were compared with those taking placebos. There was no doubt. The people taking NAC during the flu and cold season had between one-third and one-half the flu-like symptoms of those being given placebos.

"An additional criterion for evaluating the severity of influenza-like episodes was the length of time in bed which, irrespective of the age of patients, was remarkably shorter in NAC-treated subjects," noted De Flora. "In fact, in the 10 subjects suffering from influenza-like episodes who were not bedridden, nine were under NAC treatment.

Overall, of the participants taking NAC, most had only mild flu-like symptoms. The placebo group suffered moderate to severe symptoms.

According to Dr. De Flora, the NAC was not virus-specific and could provide "broad-spectrum protection" to ease or eliminate symptoms of infection. This is particularly true for the elderly and other people at risk for contracting the flu.

For essential staff like nurses, doctors, government workers, police and fire fighters, the benefits of NAC could prevent loss of essential staff in the event of major outbreak of flu or other types of illnesses.

So, as a sore throat prevention and sore throat treatment, NAC could be a viable option according to the study. Zinc is still probably the best first option if you have the onset of a sore throat.

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