What is the Sleep Glutathione Relationship?

Is there a sleep-glutathione connection?

In the book GSH The Body’s Most Powerful Protector it reported how sleep deprived animals had lower glutathione levels in certain parts of the brain.

The two areas of interest are the thalamus and hypothalamus. It is thought that the vulnerability of these areas to glutathione depletion could result in sleep related problems.

It is known that glutathione detoxifies cells. The book went on to tell how researchers at Tokyo Medical University found that the detoxification is more active during certain periods of sleep.

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Sleep Glutathione Promotion

The researchers found that high levels of oxidized glutathione (GSSG) will actually promote sleep. GSSG is an active part of the neurochemical sleep promoting substance in our brain.

The book went on to say that this may be an explanation why those taking products that build cellular level glutathione find the need for less sleep and feeling more energetic.

GSH levels may be a clue as to why some need less sleep in general than others do. In my professional experience, there have been numerous people I have known who only need four to six hours of sleep. When experiencing a cold (rarely) or other illness, they may sleep much longer. When they otherwise sleep longer than what they need, they will feel tired throughout the early part of the day.

It is during sleep that our brain processes the information and deals with management of the stressors we faced. It would only seem reasonable that the bodies own natural antioxidant would also be at work at this time.

Not to be overlooked is that glutathione enhances the ability of other antioxidants and neurochemical processes. So how would other foods, vitamins and minerals that served as brain food affect our ability to get a good night sleep?

Sleep Glutathione Story

One Nurse who had been facing a year long illness had tried all traditional methods to care for the health problem. Looking for a solution, the topic of glutathione was introduced to the scientist.

On researching GSH, the nurse started taking a product that boosted glutathione levels in the cells. The problem cleared up after a few months.

There was a side effect and a good one at that.

Nurses typically deal with a lot of stress. Many who work second shift get off work at 11:30 at night and to deal with the stress will have to unwind and then find them selves sleeping into the next morning.

The effect of boosting glutathione levels by improving dietary intake of the building blocks of glutathione was that it became easier to fall asleep at midnight and wake up time was around 6 in the morning.

Not only was that wake up time, there was also more energy and a feeling of vitality according to this nurse.

Sleep and GSH

There is more. Recent studies seem to indicate that our bodies do the major part of the glutathione replication during sleep. This is another reason to maintain adequate sleep. GSH promotes sleep, sleep promotes GSH.

So, can boosting sleep glutathione levels work for you too?

It does not stop here. There are other aspects the sleep glutathione connection that need to be considered.

Melatonin and Sleep is a look at how melatonin can help us sleep. But only a certain kind will work best.

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