Reduced Glutathione

How effective is reduced glutathione in the oral form?

There is sufficient research to be able to say that glutathione is poorly absorbed when taken orally. The only organ that can effectively absorb glutathione is the lungs.

Otherwise, we need to take the building blocks of glutathione. Cysteine is the least available in our diet.

What About Reduced Glutathione?

Studies indicate that at the best, only 1/2 of the dose is absorbed. One study used 3 grams, a rather large dose. It did not work.

The systemic availability of oral glutathione is reduced because glutathione is broken down in the stomach leaving little amounts of the co-factors for the body to make glutathione.

So now there is a claim that this kind of glutathione is better, as if it will magically do what regular glutathione will not. Unfortunately, glutathione is poorly absorbed through the gut, no matter what form it is in.

There may be claims that it is the ideal form. Ideal for IV administration maybe but not for oral administration. If there is a claim that it is ideal, ask to see the study. You need not read it all. Usually the part titled Conclusion will tell you what you need.

The fact is, what is easily absorbed through our circulatory system may not be through other systems.

Is IV better? This should be looked at in terms of risk benefit and cost benefit. In disease states, doctors who prescribe oral glutathione boosting supplements will often have the patients take up to several grams daily. This may last for a few months or more.

The IV form would be both very expensive. For most it would be nearly impossible to get administered on a daily basis.

The oral supplements are by far a more effective way to manage diseases according to many of the leading experts.

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