Raw Food Nutritional Value

The raw food nutritional value for various foods will be added to this section. Consider it an ongoing work in progress.

Note, the nutritional values of raw food vary based on growing conditions and harvesting times.

Note: if you have gut issues, the raw food diet will cause more stress on your digestive system and may in effect be more harmful to you. Likewise, you will be getting less value out of each food you consume. Some people simply need to at the least, lightly steam their meals to get the best value from the food.

Nutritional Value of Almonds

To get the best benefit from almonds, they should be eaten raw rather than roasted and they are best if organic, including the pasteurization process. Rather than the chemical pasteurization that many orchards use, steam or other natural pasteurization processes are preferred.

Unprocessed Sea Salt

Unprocessed sea salt has between 36 to 72 different minerals. These minerals are in the right balance for our bodies. They also lessen the amount of sodium that is consumed. The along with the sodium, they are easily absorbed into the blood stream and provide numerous health benefits.

One of the biggest heath benefits, they provide the essential trace minerals that are essential co-factors enabling our bodies to produce GSH.

Red Beets

Red beets, when eaten raw, have methionine. It seems the methionine turns homocysteine into cysteine. This makes beets one of the cheapest ways to boost glutathione. Remember, there are several types of glutathione and this only helps produce one kind. In particular, beet work great for arthritis pain.

More to Come, Please check back.

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