Radiation Poisoning Treatment

There are a lot of radiation poisoning treatment claims by various herbal practitioners. There are only a few medically recognized treatments that have been researched as to the effectiveness.

If you live or work near a nuclear power plant, you will probably have been issued potassium iodide (KI) pills. These are taken orally and only right after exposure. They are used to protect the thyroid from developing cancer. would not be of any benefit against a dirty bomb unless the bomb contain radioactive iodine. The only benefit would be to help to prevent thyroid cancer.

Note, they do not protect you from other forms of radiation sickness.

A Little Known Radiation Poisoning Treatment

There is a second treatment for radiation sickness. It is little known because it is actually a an adjunct therapy to minimize the symptoms of medical radiation treatments. In other words, it makes the radiation work better on the cancerous cells and protects the health cells.

Another symptom of radiation poisoning is the destruction of white blood cells. These are part of the bodies defense system and could be likened to the Navy of the body.

They are not the only defense however. There are still the marines. The intracellular defense system. This defense system is the bodies Glutathione. It helps protect the body from infection.

Cysteine Supplements

There are a few companies that produce a supplement form of cysteine that will boost your bodies intracellular glutathione.

One is actually patented for minimizing the effects of radiation therapy for certain kinds of cancer.

In clinical trials, this product actually was found to have numerous benefits for cancer patients, including stopping wasting syndrome, stopping hair loss, stopping red blood cell destruction, and it actually treated the cancer on its own.

To find out more on this treatment, to learn more about the other things it is patented for, or to try it for yourself, go to boost-glutathione where you can learn both the dietary ways of dealing with radiation poisoning or where you can get products that have been clinically proven to boost glutathione levels.

Please note, there are a lot of products on the market that make claims. The ones suggested on this site is the only one listed in the Physicians Desk Reference and in the Pharmacists Red Book.

Aircraft: A Source of Radiation

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