Radiation Poisoning Symptoms

Radiation Poisoning Symptoms Basics

Acute exposure (exposure in a period of less than six months) of high levels of ionizing radiation usually has typical symptoms.

With the increase in exposure or time exposed the chance of survival decreases.

Since radiation can disrupt cellular division, where it can cause cancer in some cases, that same disruption can cause the death of cancer cells.

The radiation poisoning symptoms are variable depending on the type of radiation, the manner of exposure, and length of exposure.

Some of the symptoms include nausea, vomiting, loss of hair (all over the body), fatigue, general feeling of malaise. Unseen damage includes white blood cell destruction. This leaves the exposed at greater risk of infection.

With higher exposures symptoms could include bleeding from the mouth, under the skin, and in the kidneys.

The more sever exposure will kill the bone marrow, the place where new blood cells are produced. Survival requires marrow transplant.

The mucous membranes of the intestines undergo sever damage resulting in diarrhea, internal bleeding.

With the severest forms of exposure only palliative care (management of pain) is offered as there is no cure.

This is followed by delirium, coma and death.

Acute Radiation Poisoning

Symptoms are dependent on numerous factors. Age, sex, exposure duration, exposure amount, type of radiation, and localization of exposure.

Acute radiation sickness results from large dose exposure as little as one time.

Exposure at 200 to 500 rems usually result in 50% mortality rate.

Single doses greater than 1,000 rems are usually fatal. The symptoms will be more sever and will not improve. Death results usually at in the second or third week after exposure.

The damage radiation causes is divided into two categories, the effects experienced within days or weeks and those appearing over a period of months to years.

Early effects include massive cell killing. These effects can be experienced within hours and can resolve within the first month of after exposure.

In the first 24 to 48 hours, those exposed to greater than 50 rems will possibly experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and malaise. Those exposed to over 200 rems will usually always experience these symptoms. Only 50 rems are the minimum to result in changes in the blood count.

After the first week from a modest (50 + rems) exposure the illness will become more apparent.

Nausea and diarrhea will continue. Inflammation of the throat and loss of appetite will also start to be noticed. As mentioned earlier, the cells that reproduce rapidly or are in high metabolic rate will tend to suffer more. They also tend to experience damage at lower levels of exposure.

The mucous membranes, the pink tissue inside your mouth, is the fastest replicating tissue in the body. It is the most vulnerable.

A severe dose (200 + rems) will result in fever and bloody diarrhea. Also bruising of the gums and especially notable will be hair loss. The hair loss is actually one of radiation poisoning symptoms that is a marker of just how high of an exposure has been endured.

Chronic Exposure

Chronic exposure (repeated exposure to smaller doses over a period of time, usually over six months) can also result in damage.

Although the evidence is often anecdotal, there is science that suggests that exposure produces cancer, leukemia, genetic mutations, and shortened life expectancy in years.

It should be noted that the mutations resulting from radiation exposure is notable in fruit flies but there is little evidence of human mutation. Those mutations are not new, rather they are increases in those already present. (By the way, this is a great argument against the evolution theory). Use extreme caution when exposing your fruit flies to radiation.

The Solution

The solution lies in diet and in supplements. First, in the raw food diet, you will have all the nutrients needed. Depending on how large your challenge is, supplements may be needed.

More Info on the Raw Food Diet

Radiation Poisoning Treatment What if any is the treatment for radiation poisoning? Are there any dietary ways of improving or protecting my health? Are there any dietary supplements?

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