Poisoning Radiation

What Is It and What Does it Do?

To understand radiation poisoning or sickness it would be good to first understand what poisoning radiation is, how it poisons us and where it comes from.

Then, you will review...

Radiation poisoning

Radiation poisoning symptoms, and the potential

Radiation poisoning treatment.

Radiation is energy that is in the form of waves or sub atomic particles (scientist can not make up their mind on this so it is probably both) that move through the air. There are different kinds of radiation.

The most common and most important is sun light.

Why the confusion, wave or particle? Matter exists in four known forms, solids, liquids, gas, and plasma. If they are particles, which of the four does the photon of sunlight fit into?

Kinds of Radiation

There are two kinds, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.


Ionizing is the effect of removing an electron from an atom. This is the kind of radiation that makes us sick. Materials that are marked Radioactive are usually the ionizing type.

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV Light) The most common injury from ionizing radiation is a sunburn.
X-rays such as used in medicine for diagnosis
Gamma radiation...the worse kind, comes from radioactive materials
Alpha radiation
Beta radiation
Neutron radiation


Thermal or heat radiation
Radio and Cell Phone Radio Waves
Microwaves (both transmission and the oven)
Visible light

Poisoning by Radiation

Although both can cause injury, it seems the ionizing is the one that is poisoning to life, especially human life. It has been said the only sure survivor of a nuclear holocaust would be the hated cockroach.

Have you heard that statement about cockroaches being the only survivors of a nuclear holocaust? Do you believe it? would you like to know the truth?

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Radiation Poisoning What is it? What is the treatment that is backed by science?

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