PMS Relief

Finding PMS relief begins with understanding the reason for the symptoms. Although the logical answer to the question "why?" is that rampant hormones are doing the La Vida Loca inside the female body. But what if it is something else. Understanding the 'why' is essential in order to treat PMS successfully.

PMS Overview

We know that treating the symptoms does not correct the imbalance that causes PMS. Once the cause is understood, it will be easier to attain PMS relief, sometimes with simple lifestyle changes. Relief that will bring about an end of PMS for some and a reduction of severity for others.

The PMS remedy involves managing what happens during the menstruation cycle. The cycle and the release of hormones signal the body to shift the glutathione. This causes a depletion of the glutathione.

This is a very basic overview of the cycle. It will be followed by the PMS remedy.

Before the review, you should be aware that the vitamin and supplement companies want you to believe that you are deficient in their vitamins and supplements. The reality is that you are only out of balance in the fluid and electrolyte department. This means you most likely only need more water and more unprocessed salt (which has upwards of 83 trace minerals).

You will also be out of balance with is your glutathione. When PMS symptoms are experienced, you will have used up your glutathione and will need more of the building blocks to replace what was used up. There are several ways to boost your glutathione. The most important way involves lifestyle changes.

Vitamins and minerals are a part of boosting your glutathione and thus help with PMS, but they only are a part of the treatment.

Under the control of the endocrine system, the menstrual cycle is divided into three phases. They are the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase.

The follicular phase is when increasing estrogen causes a slowing of the discharge until it stops. The lining of the uterus will thicken. The follicles of the ovary become prepared as various hormones are released. One or possibly two follicles will become dominant.

This is preparing the uterus for the next thing that happens in the progression of this cycle. Luteinizing hormone is released and the dominant follicle releases an ovum or what is commonly called the egg, which is called ovulation. The ovum is now ready to be fertilized by a sperm. The ovum is only viable for 24 hours or less.

The body in effect assumes that it is going to become pregnant so yet another hormone is produced, progesterone. The lining of the uterus is transformed to prepare for possible implantation of a fertilized egg, called the embryo.

If there is no fertilized egg within the next two weeks, both the progesterone and estrogen levels will drop off. With this drop, the uterus will shed its lining and unfertilized egg. This process is called menstruation.

As the menstruation cycle starts, the glutathione building process goes into full swing. Each and every cell of our body needs glutathione for protection just as it needs ATP for energy. GSH is essential for life and health.

The glutathione production is affected by the phases of the menstrual cycle. The glutathione stores are likewise affected by the various phases. PMS relief can come from a number of different sources. The best PMS relief comes from boosting the intracellular glutathione.

As the body is moving toward the possible pregnancy, more and more of the elements needed to make glutathione are diverted to the reproductive organs. This leaves the rest of the body less protected.

By the time of ovulation and the two weeks following, the reproductive organs have massive amounts of glutathione and the rest of the body is depleted. Then once the body realizes the the pregnancy is not going to happen, it dumps the excess glutathione as the hormone levels drop.

This is when some women experience the premenstrual symptoms. If these symptoms interfere with the activities of daily living, then it is called premenstrual syndrome.

Supplementing to Stabilize

By supplementing the body with the building blocks of glutathione, it is possible to stabilize the glutathione levels and eliminate the peaks and valleys.

There is no drug cure for PMS. The drug therapy is directed toward treating the symptoms. Pain relievers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be recommended. However, they have serious side effects. They may not be worth the risk when considering the benefit can come from much safer sources.

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) are used to treat mood symptoms. This likewise can be replaced with a safer and simpler solution.

Diuretics are prescribed for water retention and the subsequent weight gain.

Anxiety medications are given to treat anxiety.

PMS Relief: The Best PMS Remedy

Before you run out to load up on vitamin and minerals, there is some more you need to know. The PMS relief does not come from simply taking vitamins and minerals alone although they will help.

Also, in the push to say that it is not psychological, the psychological component has been downplayed. Yet continuing research shows that our psychological health plays a role in all of our overall health. Stress and how we cope also play a role in how we will feel. Although less important than the nutritional aspect, it is still an important part of attaining PMS relief.

In most studies, vitamins and minerals have been shown to be effective. Research found that medications have mixed effectiveness, some being no better than a sugar pill.

Additionally, it is good to avoid drugs that deplete the body of glutathione. One such is acetaminophen.

NoteWe do not sell any products from this site. We do recommend some products however.

The PMS relief and the PMS remedy are a process.

Consider: Foods; fruits and vegetables are traditionally available seasonally. So the way our bodies are designed, we can get the needed nutrients all year long from various foods, not just the same food over and over.

Remember there are numerous other chemicals in the foods that work in conjunction with the essential nutrient. If our bodies needed to supplement all the time, why do we not eat rocks and dirt?

Or even better yet, why is it that we do not go in the back yard and dig a couple of holes, wiggle our feet in, pull the dirt around our legs and then water ourselves? Then through the miracle of photosynthesis, our bodies nourish themselves. Aside from the fact we are not green, we have a more enjoyable way to nourish our selves and improve our health at the same time.

We have such an abundant variety of food and we have the ability to enjoy it.

With eating there can be a problem. When we eat the same thing over and over, what happens is our bodies turn off the receptors to the nutrients.

Again, this is intuitive. Why is it that if you eat too many selenium supplements you will get sick from selenium toxicity. However, if you eat too many Brazil nuts, you will not get the same overdose. Each Brazil nut has 200 mcg of selenium.

Or any other vitamin or mineral that could be dangerous if overdosed, such as vitamin A, D, E, K. Even with the new levels being proposed, too much is still dangerous.

Yet if you overdose on food, you will not get sick from an overdose of the vitamins. The most common problem overeating a food might cause is a pain in the wallet.

When looking at the numerous foods that boost glutathione, a simple logic emerges. A diet with all the various foods when they are in season would be best. The ideal diet would constantly rotate the various foods.

Consider this logically. Allergy doctors will teach you that if you eat any food repeatedly and daily you are at risk of becoming allergic to that food. The simple solution, do not eat the food more than two days in a row with out a several days in-between as a brake from eating that food.

Consider what happens when we overuse supplements. Melatonin was heralded as a sleep miracle supplement. Then it was found that people developed a tolerance for it. Once they did, it no longer worked.

Beyond this risk, when ever our body gets the same nutrients from the same source over and over, we are at risk of becoming allergic to the food.

The Big Butt of PMS Relief

There is a but here. It is nearly impossible to avoid all of the things that can decrease our glutathione. It is not always convenient to eat right. Or if the PMS symptoms are just too far along, what can be done? There is another way.

Think of the dietary modifications as the maintenance. If the symptoms are too bad or if it is too late, there is a better way to manage the symptoms. The option can be thought of as a rescue treatment.

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A Simple Solution

There is a simple solution that can both help boost your glutathione and at the same time help the various things going on inside the body to function even better. This solution has even been found to boost glutathione on its own.

The Water Cures Protocol should be the first step to take to manage your overall health. It provides the minerals you need and it helps boost the glutathione. At the same time, it hydrates your body, which all the various functions are dependent on.

There is still much to write on PMS relief. We will continue to add to this section. Please come back. Please offer any thoughts or suggestions.

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