Pesticides on Food

How Can We Protect Ourselves

How can pesticides on food exposure be eliminated? Is it possible to clean or wash the pesticides off the fruits and vegetables before we eat them?

Experts and Pesticides on Food

First consider what the experts say. To be fair, we need to include this. If you don’t want to trust your health to them, keep reading and learn the logical fallacy of what they say.

Some analysts, citing strict Food and Drug Administration regulations for pesticide residues, feel it is not needed. If a produce wash is used, they are effective for removing pathogens and in some cases even better than chlorine.

However, when it comes to pesticides on food, Elizabeth Andress, an Extension Service food safety specialist with the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences says, "In the United States, there's very little produce with pesticide residues anywhere near the allowed tolerance levels. It would be hard to find detectable levels of pesticide residues on our fruits and vegetables even if you went looking for them."

She indicated that the FDA has safeguards in place for fresh produce. They monitor pesticide residues at both wholesale and retail levels. So if you wash the pesticide residues you may reduce your exposure, however the levels are nowhere near harmful the 2005 report said.

The Logical Fallacy of the Report

Here is the first logical fallacy with this report. Many chemicals that kill bugs and fungus are not healthy if not carcinogenic. So why would you want to ingest any.

Many fruits have a protective coating of wax to prolong shelf life. Pesticides under this coating would not be cleansed by just washing with water. For this, there are several products that can help. Look for vegetable and fruit washes.

DIY Fruit and Veg Wash

There are a number of home remedies for decontaminating fruit and vegetables. There was no scientific evidence as to their effectiveness.

*Soak in 50/50 vinegar and water solution for five minutes. Then rinse with water.

*Spraying with a combination of one table spoon lemon juice, two tablespoons of baking soda, and one cup of water. Then rinse with tap water.

*Consumer Reports suggests diluted dish detergent and then rinse with tap water.

Pesticide Residue Free Fruit and Vegetables

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is possible to get pesticide free food. To avoid the exposure, only buy certified organic produce.

Most supermarkets in the U.S. provide pesticide-free organic produce for those willing to spend the extra cost. Just because they are organic does not mean they do not need to be washed. There are still pathogens from nature and sometimes human handling that simple cleaning will make the food safe.

The Back Up Detoxification Resource

If you are still concerned about the effects of pesticides, detoxification is one of the three main functions of glutathione. There are several ways to boost your glutathione.

Protection From Chemicals In Milk. How to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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