Other Names for MSG

When shopping, it can be helpful to know the other names for MSG. There are dozens of alternative names for MSG. Below are many of the other monosodium glutamate names to watch of food labels.

Note that just because a package says...no added MSG...it does not mean that there is no MSG. This is because the food processor can add a whole product as an ingredient even if it has one of the forms of MSG and not say that they added MSG.

Other Names for MSG: The A to Z Guide

MSG Accent
Autolyzed Plant Protein
Autolyzed Yeast
Calcium Caseinate
Citric Acid (when processed from corn)
Glutamic Acid
Hydrolized Plant Protein (HPP)
Hydrolized Vegetable Protein (HVP)
Monopotassium Glutamate
Monosodium Glutamate
Natural Flavoring
Natural Meat Tenderizer
Sodium Caseinate
Senomyx (wheat extract labeled as artificial flavor)
Textured Protein
Yeast Food or Nutrient
Yeast Extract

Also Could Have MSG

This is a list of foods that could be additives and often have MSG in them.

Barley Malt
Caramel Flavoring (coloring)
Corn syrup and corn syrup solids (partly depends upon process used)
Dough Conditioners
Dry Milk Solids
Fermented anything
Flavoring Seasonings (This does not always mean salt and pepper)
Flavors & Flavoring
Flowing Agents
Lipolyzed butter fat
Low or No Fat items
Malt Extract or Flavoring
Malted Barley (flavor)
Modified Food Starch
Milk Powder
Natural Chicken
Protein fortified anything
Protease enzymes
Protein Fortified Milk
Reaction Flavors
Rice or Brown Rice, Syrup
Soy Protein
Soy Protein Isolate or Concentrate
Soy Sauce or Extract
Ultra-pasteurized anything
Vitamin enriched
Whey Protein Isolate or Concentrate
Whey Protein or Whey
Yeast Nutrients

Effects of MSG

Detrimental Diet

What is MSG

Have we left any of the alternate names of MSG out? If you know of any we may have missed, please drop us a note and share with our visitors. They will appreciate it.

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