Natural Cure for Alopecia

The natural cure for alopecia involves boosting glutathione and using topical clear or white iodine. There is a natural cure for alopecia. Here is the science.

Please note, while many health care based sites say there is no cure, there is science that says otherwise. Perhaps the authors of the other sites did not take the time to find the current information or perhaps they did not do an exhaustive search. No doubt you only found this by doing extensive research.

Alopecia areata (AA) is one of the autoimmune inflammatory diseases. The most common form, alopecia areata, results in a small round or oval patche of baldness on the scalp. Although hair loss is usually considered a disease of aging, this affects the very young. Since hair loss can happen on the scalp, there is a social and body image component that can create further challenges.

Little is known about the relationship with antioxidants and the effect of alterations in lipid activity in the scalp. One study looked to do just this. It found that both GSH and SOD were elevated in the scalps.

There is no chance of this being contagious.

Natural Cure for Alopecia

Clue 1: High GSH and SOD and high Lipid Perocidation

J Dermatol Sci. 2002 Aug;29(2):85-90 looks at the antioxidant enzymes and lipids in the scalps of those with alopecia areata.

The study was to look at the oxidative stress in the scalp of those with AA.

The study found that there were high levels of SOD and GSH-Px activities in the scalps of those suffering with AA. Even though there were high levels of the antioxidants in our body, these could not protect the patients against the reactive oxygen species. For what ever reason, the lipid peroxidation was not be lowered in AA patients.

Clue 2: Science Behind the Natural Cures for Alopecia Areata

Successful Treatment of Alopecia Areata with Topical Calcipotriol also known as vitamin D3 was effectively used to treat alopecia areata (AA) in a young boy in 2012.

Additionally, iodine may help.

This involves using uncolored or white iodine so that there is no additional issues with appearance.

Iodine and Hair considers the essential iodine. There are scientific references included for your personal consideration if you like.

In another paper, topical iodine was used with wound healing. It was interesting to note that iodine was associated with hair growth in that study.

Iodine and Scars (and hair)

The study found that…"Topical iodine induces hair growth in and around scars."

The Science and the Cure for Alopecia

Boosting glutathione through natural means and adding the white iodine to the treatment may help some. Since iodine has medicinal properties, make sure and speak to your doctor about the use of this. Copy the research and share this with the doctor as well.

Red Light Therapy: add to the above regimen another process called RLT or LLLT and there is an even better chance of getting positive results. Please note in this regard, only use devices that are FDA cleared for hair growth.

Research has found that Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can help both men and women to treat androgenetic alopecia. Only slightly different than Red Light Therapy, studies found they both accomplish the same results. The cold laser can only regrow hair where it once was, notably on the top of the head/crown and along the forehead hairline.

There is no negative side effects, it is painless, and safe.

Improvement has been noted after daily use for as little as 12 weeks but up to six months daily use. Additionally, there is a noticeable reduction in hair loss early on in the start of using RLT or LLLT.

How Low Light Laser or Red LED Light Works:

There are 3 phases of hair growth:
  • Growth (anagen phase)
  • Resting (telogen phase)
  • Shedding (catagen phase)
  • The Red Light Therapy has been found to increase blood flow (called microcirculation) in the scalp and stimulate metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles.

    Additionally, the red light therapy increases the NO in the skin. This is thought to be part of the process that increases the blood circulation as well as triggers the new follicle cell production.

    Nitric oxide in the human hair follicle is a overview of an peer reviewed article on this topic.

    The result?

    The combination of the above can speed up the production of new hair (stimulating the epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle moving the follicles into anagen phase).

    Whether or not this will work will depend on a number of factors.

    Other Anti-aging Issues

    N-Acetylcysteine Help How to Boost Glutathione.

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