N Acetylcysteine

N acetylcysteine or NAC has been used since the mid 90’s for treating neurodegenerative conditions (nerve related / health related problems). It has long been used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis and in upper respiratory combination drugs. It is also the antidote most commonly used for Tylenol overdose in the hospital.

N Acetylcysteine and What it Does

Many of the neurodegenerative conditions are now thought to be caused by toxic chemicals. Inside the body these chemicals become what are called "free radicals." Free in that they freely move around. Radical in that they do radical damage to the cells of your body.

Damage can be to the cell wall, structures inside the cell and to the individual parts of the internal structures. Since our nerves are cells, free radicals can damage nerve membranes and parts. This includes the brain since it is full of nerve cells.

Excess free radicals can result from exposure to or the production of radical chemicals in the body or a lack of another internal soldier like chemicals called "antioxidants.” These soldier chemicals are like the special forces of the marines. They are the soldiers who neutralize free radical action.

About Acetylcysteine

The reason NAC works so well in preventing the damage that Tylenol causes in the liver is the same reason it works in neurodegenerative conditions. NAC is one of the most effective ways to help the body get the antioxidant army into each of the cells to fight off the scavenging free radicals.

Co-Factors: Helping NAC Work Better

Since our diets are deficient of many macro nutrients, to get the best benefit from NAC requires taking the co-factors that helps the NAC work even better.

Magnesium - 50-400 mg/ day (best not to take at the same time as the NAC)

Here is a Magesium Bicarbonate Concentrate Recipe that is low cost, easy to make and you just add to your drinking water.

Selenium - 100-200 mcg/day (Each Brazil Nut has 100 mcg so eat 2 a day)

Vitamin E (D-Alpha tocopheryl) - 400-800 Units/day

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - 25-50 mg/day

Vitamin C (to prevent kidney stones) By some estimates, we need at least 1000 mg per day. While we are not advocates of supplements when food is a better source, this is one of the essentials to good health.

There is something you might need to consider about acetylcysteine. What if there was a better way to boost your glutathione using acetylcysetine? What if it eliminated the need for finding, counting out and taking the appropriate amount of all of the above vitamins and minerals?

What if it was possible to get the appropriate amount of each in an acetylcysteine oral administration formulation that has been clinically proven to boost your glutathione to levels beyond what you could with the above mixture.

There is a way to improve your glutathione with your diet and with proper hydration. Water Cures Protocol Go to the How To Do It link on the left side of the home page to find out how to do it.

How Much

One nutritionist recommends that a dose of about 500 mg to 1800 mg per day of NAC is optimal.

Literature suggested beginning with 500 - 600 mg to see how it works. Then add another capsule if needed. Do not take more than what is needed. Taking more than the amount recommended by the supplier could cause sever health problems.

Most research also indicates that it is essential to take 500 mg of Vitamin C to prevent kidney stones. Also take Lipoic Acid (as directed by the supplier). These will help prevent the glutathione that is produced from becoming oxidized and ineffective.

Additional benefits will come from taking the co-factors.

The most important of the co-factors is selenium. You can get the same amount of selenium as a supplement by eating 2 Brazil nuts a day. Each nut has 100 mcg of selenium and 200 mcg is recommended.

As more info becomes available on N acetylcysteine, we will publish it here.

Note: Numerous products have no published clinical trials demonstrating its N-acetylcysteine formulation and co-factor effectiveness. Some have claims but there is no hight level peer reviewed studies to substantiate their claims. Many times their scientific studies are flawed. It is not saying that their product is bad. Just buyer beware.

Best wishes and good health to you.

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