N acetylcysteine Side Effects

Is Max GXL a Scam?

I have used MLM NAC products. Although it is not a scam the potential N acetylcysteine side effects are of concern. Even more, the independent distributors from these companies do not seem to warn their potential clients of the risks associated with the product that they are promoting.

Not a Scam But Ethical?

This is not just a matter of product safety, it is an ethical matter for those who engage in the sale of this product. What does this say about the company that allows it?

Additionally, now you can get a product that may be just as effective (same N acetylcysteine side effects) but at a fraction of the cost. MLM companies cannot send their independent distributors on cruises and pay the high commissions unless there is a considerable price tag associated with the product.

Max is not a scam. It is a matter of Buyer Beware.

At the bottom of this page you will find a few less expensive options. Additionally, unless taking for a disease, there are studies that indicate that you need not take the supplements every day. In some instances, it might even be in your best interest to not take them daily. This further increases your savings and decreases the associates N acetylcysteine side effects.

Max Risks, N Acetylcysteine Side Effects

If only one in 1000 has experienced one of the potentially bad n acetylcysteine side effects, it is clinically insignificant unless you are the one. If you should happen to die, it is also worse for those who survive you.

At last count, there are over 120K studies related to GSH and more specifically on NAC or N acetylcysteine and bio active bonded whey protein isolate (see our recommendation below). Yep, there are studies on Immunocal you can find on PubMed.

Numerous MLMers will pitch me that....well, let me just cut and paste one of the comments I got on a blog post from another health related blog. Note I did make some changes to avoid duplicate content risks and corrected some spelling errors. Otherwise, the meaning is basically the same.

Remember, my concern here is the N acetylcysteine side effects. The N acetylcysteine side effects are not usually the same as with bonded whey protein forms of cysteine.

He Said...

"Jonathan, While I am certainly glad you have an interest in learning and researching glutathione further, this is how I make my living, and I've been busy working with medical professionals, athletes, and business people since we last posted here.

It is not possible to put all the research related to glutathione here. Since there are over 92,000 peer reviewed articles about glutathione and only about 44,000 about Vitamin C, the evidence is overwhelming.

As to Max GXL, the Double Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Studies prove our product raises GSH. Direct any further correspondence to my email as noted above."

We Said....My Reply...

Max (which has NAC in it) is fantastic. Unfortunately, there are no double blind placebo studies on MAX. The primary study used to promote their product, was released after the author, Dr Keller died. So, although there is a study, it is not accepted as scientific proof by the medical community.

I appreciate that you speak to doctors and the like. I not only speak to them, I teach them. Kind of a unique and humbling position, being a nurse and teaching doctors.

They call me in because I am, after all, an expert in my field. As a consultant, I am required a very high standard of what acceptable research is. Max, as wonderful as it is in my opinion, does not meet that standard.

To put it in another light...here is how I would have to present it. Again, the focus is really on the n acetylcysteine side effects.

"The MaxGXL patent mentions several health states associated with reduced glutathione levels, however Max GXL has not been studied in the treatment of these diseases, and no disease treatment claims can scientifically or legally be made based on the Max GXL patent document."

Also, neither the librarian I used was able to find any clinical or scientific studies or peer reviewed medical articles specifically on Max GXL published in the National Library of Medicine (MEDLINE) when using the PubMed search.

Note: I have been a part of scientific research numerous times. Some of what I have been in was double blind placebo controlled studies. Yet, none of those studies means anything until they are published and reviewed and scrutinized by other experts in the field.

Also it was not possible to find ongoing or even future planned clinical trials or medical trials of MaxGXL. The study that is on the patent is an unpublished study of Max GXL.

Again, think Max is great. As a scientist, I cannot promote it with out the science, even though I use it myself.

There are numerous studies on NAC, the main ingredient in MAX. This is what we use in the hospital when someone has an overdose of acetaminophen as well as other conditions.

NAC also works on pain although it is poorly studied. I am wondering since it has such neurological benefits ( NAC that is) when high level studies are done, we may find that it helps with the delta receptors, the holy grail of pain management that has been hidden from mankind.

However....again, I love Max.....there is an ethical dilemma it presents.

How would you feel if you recommended it to someone and it harmed them?

You are no doubt aware that it is contraindicated in organ transplant patients. It is also not approved for 16 and under unless under the doctors order.

It is not recommended for those on chemotherapy. This came from a call to the office and speaking to some of the scientist behind the product.

What I was not told is....

It has some ingredients that can cause anapahlaxis (rarely according to literature) Not a problem unless you are the rare one. Imagine giving a supplement to someone and they died. I worry about this every time a give certain meds to a patient and I know what to do.

One ingredient, D-Glucosamine is made from shellfish, those with a shellfish allergy should be aware of the source of this ingredient.

Cordyceps is a mushroom.

If you know you are allergic to ingredients of Max, it might be best to avoid it.

What scares me is when I see zealous promoters (not you) who say this (what ever they have) is totally safe and in reality it has an ingredient that could kill a small child. Thank God for vigilant moms. This just happens this past year with a friend who was recommending a different supplement. Turns out it had a wheat product in the ingredients. The child was deathly allergic to the ingredient. Again, this was not Max but it shows a flaw in the industry.

The Physician's desk Reference (PDR), states that alpha lipoic acid (a MAX ingredient ) should be avoided by women who are pregnant or nursing. If you are a diabetic or have glucose intolerance, it should be used with caution. This is because of no long-term safety data is available.

If a diabetic and having challenges with glucose intolerance, there is a caution that supplemental alpha-lipoic acid can and may lower blood glucose levels. Use requires blood glucose monitoring and adjusting anti-diabetic meds if necessary. to prevent possible hypoglycemia. ( Physicians Desk Reference safety statement on alpha lipoic acid.)

The Physician's desk Reference (PDR), also warns about the N acetylcysteine side effects that acetylcysteine (an ingredient in Max GXL) should be avoided in nursing mothers and should only be used in pregnancy on the advice of a physician.

Ironically, the competition, Immunocal is approved for all of the following. (I like Immunocal also but it is too expensive. However, in some states it is covered by Medicare exacta regs. I can get pediatrics and tube feeding orders paid for by insurance in my state).

NAC (the main Max ingredient) It should be used with caution in patients with chronic liver disease.

Pre-term newborns

May be harmful if administered early in the treatment of critically ill patients.

The supplement may cause headaches and (rarely) kidney stones (prevented by the vitamin C which also helps the absorption in the Max).

NAC should be used with caution in those with a history ulcers.

Additionally, NAC may interact with some medications including nitrates, and carbamazepine.

Nitroglycerin can be potentiated or made even more active than desired, resulting in a life threatening overdose.

Overdose can cause severe health (specifically heart) problems and possible death.

Could produce a false-positive result in the nitroprusside test for ketone bodies used in diabetes.

In one animal study, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) was caused by NAC. Although this may not be the same for humans, if you have this type of hypertension, NAC could cause a life threatening condition.

Again, a former user of Max, I think it is good, although over priced. There is no high level evidence based medicine that it is anything more than similar products at a fraction of the price.

For my wife, it did nothing. For me, it was the best thing since sliced bread. Now, an even better option is below. Your purchase through this site will help support this site and fund our additional research and training.

There is my reply for those mad about Max and my
N acetyl-cysteine side effects concerns.

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