The Milk and Asthma Myth

Have you heard that milk and asthma don't mix? Have you heard that drinking milk increases mucous production in the respiratory system. Thus many encourage avoidance of drinking milk.

Is it true? How would you know if it is an old wives tale or scientific fact? How would you know if there was any hard science behind what your doing?

Since you can find anything on the web, go to Pub Med and type in milk and mucous. You will find the following study. This suggestion is to preserve the accuracy of this fact.

Oops, You Need to Know

Please note...there is an interesting caution that comes from this study. It is especially for those who have asthma. Additional to the study, consider that commercially produced milk will have trace amounts of numerous chemicals including those that enhance the production of milk and antibiotics called BGH or Bovine Groth Hormones.

Also, most milk has traces of antibiotics. Even worse, commercially produced milk, once it has been pasteurized, to supposedly make it safe to drink, kills all the healthy benefits it can provide for human consumption.

To further complicate this, consider what happens when you drink low fat milk. It not only does not make your bones strong, it makes them weaker. Yea, we need the milk fat to keep the milk health. As to regular milk making your bones strong, maybe this is true for a baby, but not for adults. A better option, do what cows, who have strong bones, do. Eat green leafy vegetables which provide all we need for strong bones. Research the Harvard Women's Study for more info on why milk is not healthy for you.

If you drink milk, only drink organic and if you are willing to take the risk and it is legal, drink unpasteurized as it has the most nutrients.

Disclaimer...I do not own any stock nor will I profit or benefit in any way from this recommendation.

But what about asthma?

The milk and asthma report...

1: J Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Dec;24(6 Suppl):547S-55S.
Milk consumption does not lead to mucus production or occurrence of asthma.
W├╝thrich B, Schmid A, Walther B, Sieber R.

Allergy Unit, Department of Dermatology, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.

The study found that milk consumption was not associated with increased nasal secretions, symptoms of cough, unwanted nose symptoms or congestion.

Here is the problem...those who believe the milk produces mucous theory report more respiratory symptoms after drinking milk. Sometimes alternative medicine practitioners will discourage those with bronchial asthma not to eat any kind of dairy product.

Here is the science...different investigations on the consumption of milk do not show that it makes the symptoms of asthma worse. The relationship between drinking milk and the occurrence of asthma has not been established.

Here is the important but.....Some cases (documented according to the study) people with a cow's milk allergy presented with asthma-like symptoms. The good news, your asthma may be a milk allergy.

You will have to decide what will be best for you and your family. What ever decisions you make, make them based on the scientific evidence./p>

According to science, milk and respiratory mucous production, congestion, or even respiratory secretions are a myth unless perhaps you have a milk allergy.

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