Lungs After Smoking

Learn How Boosting Glutathione Will Enhance Your Health

New anecdotal evidence says no but many have found that it takes less effort to breathe.

I come from a family of smokers. One of my two moms, a sister from time to time, a great aunt who outlived a smoking death prognosis by 15 years. She even outlived the doctor who gave it by several years. The thing is, please do not use this to beat up your loved ones. If and when they want to stop, they will.

I am a firm believer that dill pickles cause lung cancer. Yet I do not go around trying to get my relatives to stop eating dill pickles.

Think about it. Research shows that 98% of all lung cancer patients ate pickles. In Japan where they have the lowest lung cancer rates they have the lowest dill pickle consumption of the world. And Eskimos who never eat pickles never get lung cancer. Yes, pickles cause cancer.

Lungs After Smoking: Our Purpose

The purpose of this page is to explore the healing possibilities of boosting glutathione for those who have smoked and even those who continue to smoke.

Yes, quitting smoking will allow your lungs to heal. In many cases you can return to near normal function depending on age and damage.

The charts of what happens when in the progression of healing have been proved off. One chart cannot address all the confounding factors, ages and possibilities. Some studies actually show the healing time might be even longer than what the charts show.

So if you are a smoker, we are not here to pass judgment on you. We are here to help you have the best quality of life you can have.

If a loved one is still smoking and you want them to stop, this may provide an alternative to help prevent the disease processes associated with smoking. It may even help them kick the habit.

The Scientific Proof

As to the studies....

The COPD Risk: reduction is one of the benefits.

The conclusion: Stopping smoking results in a reduced risk of COPD exacerbation. It was dependent on how long the person had stopped smoking.

However, in the Reduced Consumption study there was not real benefit in smoking less cigs a day.

The conclusion: There is no evidence that heavy smokers who reduce their daily cigarette consumption by half or more will reduce their risk of premature death significantly. To say otherwise will give false expectations.

The Sustained Cessation study does have significant benefits for those who stop for good.

The Cysteine / Glutathione Disease Prevention

In the scientific study circles there is a big word that means lung cancer prevention. The word is chemoprevention. Chemicals that have the potential to cause cancer are called carcinogenicity. One place to look for chemoprotective properties is foods.

Bottom line, boost your glutathione with foods or supplements and save the life of your loved one. If you love yourself and you do not want to check out of this world through the lung cancer exit portal, boost your glutathione and die of something else.

It should be noted that some supplements that claim to help prevent lung cancer may not provide any benefit and some may increase the risk. Become an educated consumer. Do not worry if it causes or prevents cancer in pet lab mice. Look for human studies.

Of course, the best would be to boost your glutathione and quit smoking but I am sure you will when your ready. Everyone stops smoking sooner or later. Do it sooner and help heal your lungs after smoking.

How to Boost Your Glutathione with Cysteine

There are a few ways to boost your glutathione and heal help your lungs heal. Learn how to help heal your lungs after smoking.

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