The Lung Cancer Glutathione Relationship

In the cancer treatments available, is there a lung cancer glutathione relationship? Can glutathione play a role in treating or preventing lung cancer? Can building glutathione play a part in alternative cancer treatment or complimentary medicine?

There is a large body of research on the lung cancer glutathione relationship question. The answers are varied.

Lung Cancer GSH Relationship Need To Know

Please do not self diagnosis or self treatment with out consulting your doctor. This is especially true if you are currently on medication.

Some natural treatments are contraindicated for certain conditions.

Many health care practitioners have strong opinions about alternative or complimentary medicine vs. traditional medicine. Although there is no high level study that compares the two, anecdotal evidence seems to indicate they are equally successful.

More importantly, there are doctors who are capable, trained and experienced in treating with natural and traditional medicine. Many wanting alternative medicine choose to have the benefits of a medical practitioner knowledgeable and experienced with both modalities.

A True Life Experience and Warning

One of my employees who was of the nature not to believe in doctors put his faith in a natural health practitioner for the treatment of his wife.

She kept losing weight and the holistic healer kept treating her without success until she died. After she died it was discovered she had a tape worm. She was literally starved to death.

It would have been an easy pick up by a medical doctor. Please do not discount the medical profession.

You and the Lung Cancer Glutathione Relationship

One in three will get cancer in their life time. Prostate for men is the most prevalent as is breast cancer for women. The next most prevalent is lung cancer.

Like lung disease, few things can cause more anxiety than not being able to breath.

This further adds to the dread of lung cancer.

In all cancerous states there is a decrease in the levels of glutathione.

What causes the cancer to grow in the first place?

How It Happens

It starts with our cells. The healthy ones only replicate for normal growth, injury repair, and replacement for those lost in normal metabolism.

Although unclear how it happens, sometimes they go crazy. Kind of like the old zombie movies from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The cells start creating living, breathing cells that are as good as dead. Only thing, they are alive and replicating.

It was brought on by an alien invader.

The invader is a carcinogen. Carcinogens can come in the form of food (as in burnt, smoked, or high in nitrates), chemical and radiation. In the case of lung cancer, it is usually the chemical versions that are breathed in.

Cancer is the result of cellular mutation. The mutant cells keep replicating until the host is overtaken.

Science and the Lung Cancer Glutathione Relationship

Numerous clinical studies on the lung cancer glutathione relationship have been published. There are two basic categories of studies. One is related to prevention and the other is treatment.


In the prevention arena, the studies focused on antioxidization, improving immune response, and carcinogen detoxification.


Treatment also included antioxidant properties, improving immune response, anti-tumor treatment, malnutrition and wasting syndrome treatment.

The Genetic Connection

There is also a genetic relationship to the lung cancer glutathione relationship. Some have a defective gene that produces glutathione-S tranferase-mu-1 enzyme. Actually this is one of a few that sometimes are defective. Studies have found a link between these defective genes and lung cancer.

Add to this the age related decrease in glutathione and the potential is compounded.

The Glutathione Paradox

Cancerous cells seem to have higher levels of GSH and this in effect protects them from cancer treatments.

However there is a negative feedback inhibition property of cancerous cells. When glutathione is over stimulated, the GSH in the cancerous cell starts to deplete and this makes if vulnerable to destruction.

Note...It is absolutely necessary to talk to your doctor about this if you are undergoing chemo treatment. Some treatments are possibly not compatible with elevated glutathione levels.

It is also important you let you doctor know all the meds, vitamins and herbal preparations you may be taking any time you undergo any type of treatment. It is important not only that he knows you are on calcium for instance, you need to let him know what brand you are on. For instance, coral calcium has higher than acceptable levels of some heavy metals and toxins.

Also let him know of any artificial sweeteners you may be using such as those containing aspartame and Splenda. Some of these are associated with disease states and adverse reactions.

In most cases of lung cancer, studies show that elevating glutathione helps the body fight the cancer, improves the effectiveness of chemo while decreasing side effects. Likewise studies seem to indicate it helps the radiation not damage the good cells.

This is only the beginning of the lung cancer glutathione relationship.

There is more to come.

More Lung Disease Glutathione Information

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