Iron Supplements: The Risks They Don't Tell You

The Option That Works

There are numerous iron supplements risks that many are not familiar with. This is a review of some of the risks. Excess amounts of iron in the body have been linked with a number of diseases including some cancers, inflammation, diabetes, liver and heart disease.

Supplementation with iron and vitamin C increases oxidative stress in the gastrointestinal tract. This can lead to ulcers in healthy people. If gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases are present, they can be made worse.

Many chronic inflammatory diseases are also present with anemia's. This means that there is an iron supplements risk.

The greatest risk is overdosing by children. Accidental overdosing by iron supplements is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in children under 6 years old. Ingestion of as little as 200 mg of iron can cause death.

Often colored as little red pills, to little children they appear as candy. These need to be kept out of children's reach and the caps need to be tightly capped.

If you suspect a child has ingested iron supplements, call the Poison Control Center or go to your local emergency room.

Iron Toxicity

There is considerable risk for iron toxicity. Very little iron is naturally excreted from the body. Because of this, once normal storage sites are full, the excess iron can accumulate in body tissues and organs.

One disease where this can be a problem is hemachromatosis. People afflicted with this are at risk of developing iron toxicity because of their high iron stores.

A Bad Cocktail Crohn's Disease: Iron and Vitamin C

Patients afflicted with Crohn's disease face a unique challenge. Iron deficiency anemia is a frequent complication of Crohn's. When treated with ferrous sulphate, those tested had an increase in symptoms of disease. Vitamin C would only further contribute to the damage according to one study.

It is interesting to note the decrease in cysteine. Some have found a benefit in supplementing their cysteine intake. This makes available for the body the necessary elements to deal with the disease.

One study found that iron regulates cysteine uptake and results in increased glutathione levels in the eyes.

The study concluded..."It is possible that the increase in intracellular antioxidant concentration induced by iron serves as a protective mechanism against the well-established capacity of iron to induce oxidative damage."

There is more on how to boost your glutathione with diet and or supplements.

Too much is a Bad Thing

Since iron is supplemented in many foods, for most it is unnecessary to take supplements. One study went so far as to say that you should get multivitamins with out C and Iron together. These should be taken at least 30 minutes apart.

This may not be true if you eat a totally natural diet.


You should limit iron intake if you have...

  • ulcers
  • colitis
  • colitis
  • intestinal disease
  • B 12 deficiency (if the iron contains folic acid: run it by the doctor or pharmacist.

You Should Not

You should not take your iron supplement with eggs, milk, coffee, tea or for at least one hour after that meal.

You should not take iron supplements during pregnancy unless directed by your doctor.

The Options That Work

The option is in your cupboard. Its found in Black Strap Molasses.

You should not take iron supplements if your breast feeding unless directed by your doctor. There are iron supplements risks that the doctor can better evaluate.

The Options That Work

The option is in your cupboard. Its found in Black Strap Molasses.

One table spoon full a day will usually provide more than enough of your daily requirements. This is because it is more absorb-able iron than any other source. Likewise it will not have the negative side effects. It acts as a natural stool softener.

Side Effects of Iron Supplements There is one that causes death.

Iron Supplements Constipation Did you know that diarrhea is a symptom of constipation?

Iron Supplements Risks Do you know what you do not know?

Natural Iron Supplements Here you will find some of the best iron supplements, only they are not in a pill or capsule. These are safe, even around little children.

Iron Nutritional Supplement Take a look at liquid iron supplements compared to dietary iron supplements.

Dietary Sources of Iron Dietary Sources of Iron: Your vitamins and minerals in your cupboard.

Cysteine: The Essential Glutathione Booster that iron makes work even better.

Boost Your Glutathione to promote the glutathione health management benefits. Antioxidant capacity increased some three-fold with iron administration.

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