Honey Glutathione

The health benefits of raw honey are numerous. The honey glutathione boost is one of the most important.

The use and how much can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Science

First some geek speak on the topic of honey glutathione.

Honey is an incredible complex natural liquid that may contain over 180 substances called phytochemicals. . (White JW. Composition of honey. In: Crane E, Ed. Honey, a comprehensive survey. London: Bee research Association and Chalfont St Peter, 1975: 157-206.)

Some of them include…

  • phenolic acids
  • flavonoids
  • certain enzymes (glucose oxidase, catalase)
  • ascorbic acid
  • carotenoid-like substances
  • organic acids
  • Maillard reaction products
  • proteins
  • amino acids
  • These phytochemicals, including polyphenols which act as antioxidants in the honey will vary according to the geographical and climatic conditions and botanical sources where the honey is made.

    Get Raw, Get Natural

    The highest benefits of honey will come from raw, natural honey and not Grade A Fancy Honey which is processed.

    Some phytochemicals are natural antioxidant compounds such as:

    Vitamin C

  • Monophenolics
  • Flavonoids
  • Polyphenolics
  • Caffeic acid phenyl ester
  • Chrysin
  • Galangin
  • Quercetin
  • Acacetin
  • Kaempferol
  • Pinocembrin
  • Pinobanksin
  • Apigenin
  • Scientific journals and scholarly papers indicate these antioxidant compounds hold promise for preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory disorders, neurological degeneration, infectious diseases and aging as well as it can be used as food preservatives.

    Honey is currently being used for wound healing.

    Honey is primarily fructose and glucose and a tiny bit of sucrose, some other sugars and water. Because there is so little water in honey, when a microorganism gets into it, one of three things happens to kill the space invader. The honey sucks all the moisture out of the bug and it dies, the hydrogen peroxide effect kills it or the antioxidants control the growth of bacteria.

    Good Treatment Bad Treatment

    There are a number of oxygen therapies, of which hydrogen peroxide is included in the list. This is not just using H2O2. It involves ingesting small amounts.

    We do not support this modality because of an intuitive based thinking. If it is something we would normally eat, it is good. If it is not something we would normally eat, it is bad.

    The purported benefits of taking oral hydrogen peroxide range from HIV treatment to cancer cures. The use of H2O2 in the natural health industry is an emerging source for accidental poisonings. In addition to caustic burns, death has resulted from mistaken ingestion.

    Intuitive thinking, it is unlikely you will overdose on honey. If so, you may get a belly ache but you will most likely recover and learn from your experience.

    There is no scientific evidence to support any of these claims of the benefits of taking H2O2. Oxygen therapies should not be confused with those commonly used in respiratory care.

    People who use these therapies will provide their own testimonials that it works for them.

    Regardless of how ever much it helps you, it is dangerous and it is a bad treatment.

    What If There Was a Safer Natural Way

    If so, what if there was a more natural way, a safer way? What if there was a treatment with out any risk?

    When diluting honey with water, a chemical reaction within the glucose, water and oxygen results in small amounts of hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid.

    Honey is a more natural way to do your H2O2 therapy. A safer way.

    The Journal of Medicinal Food, 2003 reported that daily consumption of a honey solution improves blood lab results and improved minerals and enzymes.

    It was a small study and the participants were otherwise normal or did not have any disease processes.

    The seven men and three women on a strict diet, were given 1.2 g/kg body weight honey dissolved in 250 ml of water during a 2-week test period.

    This would be three table spoons for a 200 lb man.

    The results: the honey increased antioxidants.

    Increased Lab Values

    • blood vitamin C concentration increased by 47 percent
    • beta-carotene by 3 percent
    • uric acid by 12 percent
    • glutathione reductase by 7 percent
    • increased serum iron and blood indices
    • serum iron by 20 percent
    • increased the percentage of monocytes by 50 percent
    • increased lymphocyte and eosinophil percentages slightly
    • increased serum copper by 33 percent
    • Increased trace elements
    • slight elevations in blood zinc and magnesium, hemoglobin, and packed cell volume

    Decreased Lab Values

    • decreased plasma ferritin by 11 percent
    • reduced serum immunoglobulin E by 34 percent
    • decreased aspartate transaminase by 22 percent
    • decreased alanine transaminase by 18 percent.
    • reduced lactic acid dehydrogenase by 41 percent
    • decreased creatinine kinase by 33 percent
    • reduced fasting blood sugar by 5 percent
    • It concluded that honey may have increased antioxidant agents
    • decreased immunoglobulin E
    • liver and muscle enzymes
    • fasting blood sugar in healthy subjects.

    At Glutathione Disease Cure we do not believe that our bodies are designed to take only one food all the time.

    The honey glutathione boost should be just one of the ways used to increase your glutathione. It should be rotated in and out of your diet with other dietary considerations to increase intercellular glutathione.

    The Honey Glutathione Treatment Dosing

    The two tests so far used either 1.2 gm/kg of body weight.

    Take your weight and divide it by 2.2 to get kilograms.

    Then multiply that number by 1.2 and that will be your dose.

    The problem is measuring honey. It is approximately 2.5 table spoons per 100 lbs of weight. For most, that is about 1 table spoon full counting the amount that sticks to the bottom and the extra that heaps when you pull it out of the jar.

    There is no science for this statement but we recommend only the honey glutathione treatment for 2-3 days on and 2-4 off or taking it for several days and then not taking it for several days.

    What ever works for you. Allow your body to have a break from the honey glutathione boosting properties so that you do not get used to having it.

    Beyond Honey Glutathione: More Ways to Boost Glutathione

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