Got Healthy Milk?

Do you like intrigue, secrets and danger in your stories. Then my healthy milk experience is a story for you. It is very personal to me because of how it affected my life. Turns out, a number of other people in my town had the same symptoms I had. They could have solved their health problems had they only known that there was a healthy milk and one that has the potential to cause health problems.

My Quest for Healthy Milk

In my quest to learn what was causing my illness, it turned out that MSG and me did not get along together very well. What do you suppose happens when you eat a meat tenderizer (you are what you eat) and a growth hormone (you are what you eat ate)?

In addition to getting very sick for a year of my life, I also put on 80 or so pounds.

The years of avoiding milk were based on wrong thinking. The unusual rash it brought on was not due to the milk. Rather, it came from something in the milk.

This was discovered as a result of seeing the documentary "The Corporation."

You might want to see it. As far a healthy milk goes, you will want to read the book, "What’s in Your Milk?"

It is powerful in exposing the dangers of the genetically engineered milk and the conspiracy to suppress the truth about the dangers of ingesting it, let alone the dangers to the cows it is injected into.

The drug or hormone, rBGH is a powerful recumbent (cloned) growth hormone similar to that occurring naturally in cows. Produced by Monsanto, it is marketed to the dairy industry by the trade name POSILAC. Given by injection, this hormone can result in a 10% milk production increase.

The implications of the book caused all of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan to ban rBGH milk. There is more, much more to tell.

The story does not stop here. “The Corporation” also tells the story of the firing of Jane Akre, a Fox Television Journalist. She produced an in-depth expose on rBGH with Dr. Epstein. The film tells her side of the story.

Why Have I Never Heard of this Before

Were not done yet...

To see the big picture, you need to read to the end of this section. We will tell where to get healthy milk. These are just a brief sampling of the studies about risky milk. They are in chronological order. You only need to scan them but they add to the picture of what is going on and why you never heard of this before.

    1990 Article Yeah, it’s safe according to this article, or is it?

    Science. 1990 Aug 24;249(4971):875-84.

    Comment in:
    Science. 1990 Aug 24;249(4971):852-3.
    Science. 1991 Jan 18;251(4991):256-7.

    Bovine growth hormone: human food safety evaluation.
    Juskevich JC, Guyer CG.

    Food and Drug Administration, Center for Veterinary Medicine, Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation, Rockville, MD 20857.

    This basically says the Scientists in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on reviewing and evaluating studies of pharmaceutical companies, have concluded that the use of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH) in dairy cattle does not increase health risk to consumers.

    They went on to say it is not bioactive, is not absorbable, and it is within normal ranges of what human breast milk would have. Further, it was said that it is denatured or destroyed when processed and would not be absorbed.

    Note: Who pays pharmaceutical companies to test products. They do not test for the fun of it. They are in business to make money. In order to get a truly legitimate test, it has to be preformed by an impartial testing lab. Pharmaceutical companies concern is not if you drink healthy milk. Their interest is only profits from selling hormones.

1996 Articles

Int J Health Serv. 1996;26(3):561-8.
The corporate assault on the Food and Drug Administration. Nixon R.

This talked of a time when "regulatory reform" in the U.S. Congress was trying to eliminate the Food and Drug Administration.

Interesting, the forces behind the move, various industries opposed to FDA regulations, stock held by members of Congress in companies regulated by the FDA, and a variety of organizations with ties to House Speaker Newt Gingrich. These supported or gave donations to the politicians according to the article.

Oh yes, the rBGH controversy is given as an example.

Int J Health Serv. 1996;26(1):173-85.
Unlabeled milk from cows treated with biosynthetic growth hormones: a case of regulatory abdication. Epstein SS.

School of Public Health West, University of Illinois, Chicago 60612, USA.

This study found that levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) are elevated and more bioactive in cows milk produced with rBGH. Further, it is increased by pasteurization. It also found that the factor is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract of rats and concluded in our babies absorption is likely to be still higher.

Evidence points to rBGH in milk as a potential risk factor for both breast and gastrointestinal cancers.

Whether this is true or intrigue, all I know is that until late 2007, milk caused me to have a rash when ever I drank it. Occasionally I could tolerate ice-cream so long as I did not overdo it. It was in 2007 that I made a change.

Healthy Milk, Where to Get It?

When learning the difference and trying organic milk, which turns out for me was healthy milk, it was possible to once again have milk in my diet in the form of cheese and ice cream.

Note For Coffee Snobs: If you like cream in your coffee, if you can find it, try organic whipping cream. It is incredible.

It is that simple. Organic milk is healthy milk if you choose to drink it, eat ice cream or use it in your cereal or cream for your coffee.

The choice is yours, chemicals or not and the resulting harm they could potentially cause or not cause.

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