Seven Anti-Aging Healthy Habits

Habits can be good. Healthy habits can promote health, wellness and prevent you from getting many disease processes.

How can good health habits be developed?

It is not as hard as you would think. It involves a simple process that anyone can do.

First, the seven healthy habits.

Healthy Eating and Drinking Habit

Healthy eating is not just eating your fruits vegetables any more. Vegetables that are out of season in the US may come from other countries. Those countries may use pesticides that are banned in the US. It is important to become an educated and informed consumer.

Learn the ways to decontaminate foods using simple solutions and even other foods. Always read labels and avoid highly processed foods. Avoid MSG and artificial sweeteners and even modified sweeteners as these may contribute to adverse health conditions.

Also learn which foods are healthy foods.

What about water and hydration. This is also vital. Read some testimonials and you will see why. Actually, the recommendation from this site is the number one protocol in the hospital. Discover the Benefits of the Water Cures Protocol

Healthy Sleep Habit

Sleep is essential for our mental health and overall health and wellness. There is no question that sleep eludes many. It is also associated with many illnesses as a secondary symptom. There are a number of suggestions on the web to help get a good nights sleep.

Many doctors prescribe an over the counter med for some patients. The only problem is it causes a few problems like memory impairment. Not good if you need to think for your job.

A more natural way to sleep can be found in the foods we eat. Two that can have the most profound effect on us are Montmorency Cherries and Milk.

The Water Cures Protocol will not only help you get to sleep but it has a bonus benefit. At least for me, I no longer feel aches and pains when I work out.

You can also try a glass of warm milk before you need to sleep.


You have to make it a habit. It has long been thought that laughter can help prevent a heart attack. Laughter along with smiling can improve your over all health. Did you know there is such a thing as a real smile?

If your smile is not real, then what is it? Learn more from the experts at in their piece on smiling. When you're done finding out what a real smile is, please come back.

Smile and improve your health.

The Dog Habit

People who have dogs tend to see their doctor less. They also tend to be healthier. It is kind of a paradox but it works.

Exercise Healthy Habits

Do you know what the best exercise there is? What ever exercise you will do. Make it a habit to exercise every day. Best if you can incorporate about 30 minutes a day. A little of each kind will be beneficial through the week. Check with your doctor for any that would be inappropriate for your particular health.

Read, Debate and Meditate Habit

One of the healthy habits has to do with what we put in our brains.

People who use their minds tend to live longer and have less risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. This has to do with a number of factors. We now know that by boosting glutathione levels it is possible to reduce the risk even more for many.

The more the brain is used the more connections that are made. The more you have, the longer it takes to lose them. The result, a protection from early onset of many mental diseases.

Don’t just read...learn how to do mental calisthenics when you read.

Master Reading and Remembering with this simple lesson. It will take a bit of work but the rewards are well worth it.

Good Health Healthy Habits

Make it a habit to develop healthy habits. New ones may be added. Some old ones may be lost. The goal is constant and never ending improvement.

One friend was exercising every morning of his life. He lived into his mid 90’s. More importantly, he was still lecturing and was the CEO of in international concern at this age. His mental agility and ability were due to his healthy habits.

Find your healthy habits and develop them.

How are Habits Formed

It has been said that if you do anything continuously for 27 days it will become a habit.

So simply create a desire, a determination for what you want. Create a program of how you will attain it. A way to measure it to ensure you will do it on a habitual basis. And then just do it.

It is that simple.

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